Wednesday, February 7, 2024

 So do I only post on this blog to promote Kickstarters anymore? It seems like that may be the case.


Fantastical Classes: Blobs vs. Blades
Now on Kickstarter!

Fantastical Classes: Blobs vs. Blades is a collection of brand new character classes for old-style fantasy roleplaying adventure games. Specially designed for use with Old School Essentials, this book contains six exciting character classes that you didn’t even know you needed! All of them are lovingly written and illustrated by your old friend Joshua LH Burnett.

The book features six new classes, some of which are directly inspired by beloved classic JRPG video games. If we hit our stretch goals, I’ll add even more classes!

  • Adept: Adventuresome scholars of all things magical that can use both arcane and divine spells!
  • Blob: Small gelatinous monsters that come in a variety of lurid colors!
  • Dancer: Charming performers whose dancing lets them tap into the primal forces of magic!
  • Fury: Highly-mobile skirmishers who specialize in using two weapons at once!
  • Ophidian: Venomous skulkers whose blood carries the influence of the ancient Serpent Men!
  • Swordmage: Doughty warrior-wizards who can channel arcane magic through their blades! 

Check it out on Kickstarter!

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