Monday, November 11, 2013

The Mounds of the Old Kings (and other maps) [Mini-Map Monday]

So I totally missed last week's Mini-Map Monday. I was wicked busy Monday (all week, actually) and I just plum forgot about it. I even had the map already made and everything. What a dummy.

Anyhoo, I have multiple maps to share this Monday. They are all maps I made for my "Beyond the Wall" campaign  in the Thistlethorn Forest.

The Mounds of the Old Kings are a cluster of ancient burial mounds in the north of the forest. The burnt bones of wild horses are scattered across the ground in front of the stone doors. The Wight of the Warrior Queen and the Skull Monk were bitter rivals in life. They are not friendly in death.

The Hag's Tower is the lair of Granny Gristlebones and her redcap minions. The old tunnels beneath the crumbling tower lead to a cold, underground river that leads to an island where Granny keeps her treasures and spellbooks. A giant snake of poor disposition patrols this river.

The village of Woodharrow has been abandoned for decades. The bell in the church has crashed into he bottom of the tower. The sails on the windmill lie broken and tattered. Many of the houses are burnt husks. The demon-haunted axe "Neckchopper" rests in block of wood in the blasted town square. The magical blade still weeps blood. 

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