Saturday, December 20, 2014

Lego Adventuring Party [Fate Accelerated]

"Adventurers (literally) Assemble!"

While Christmas shopping yesterday, I bought a handful of those blind-packed Lego mini-fig packs for myself (because I love them, and I have been very good this year). After assembling my four random figures, I set them on my desk and thought "Wow, I'd really like to see an adventuring party made out of these guys."

Bolivia Cardova
High Concept: Monster hunter
Trouble: I've seen some things, man...
Other Aspects: Zen archer; Master alchemist; Zombies. Why is it always zombies?
+3 Careful
+2 Sneaky
+2 Clever
+1 Quick
+1 Forceful
+0 Flashy
Because the patient arrow always finds its target, I get +2 when I Carefully Create Advantages related to aiming and tracking targets.
Because I am a master alchemist, I get +2 when I Cleverly Create Advantages through the creative use of potions, elixirs, and injections.
Because I have fought my share of monsters, I get +2 when I Quickly Defend against physical attacks from inhuman creatures.

Iggy Galactic
High Concept: Avatar of the Cosmic Starchild
Trouble: Doesn't experience time linearly
Other Aspects: Maximum charisma; Electro-Quantum Guitar; I talk to planets, Baby!
+3 Flashy
+2 Quick
+2 Clever
+1 Forceful
+1 Sneaky
+0 Careful
Because I dance across the song of the spheres, once per session I can appear in any scene, as long as music is playing nearby.
I because I have maximum charisma, I get +2 when I Flashily Create Advantages related to charm and persuasion.
Because I can know the Totally Awesome Power Chords of Power, I get +2 when I Flashily Attack with the power of Rock!

Skippy Goldfarb
High Concept: Reality hacker
Trouble: Nebbish
Other Aspects: Fifth-dimensional control pad, Everybody's buddy, Approximate knowledge of many subjects
+3 Clever
+2 Sneaky
+2 Careful
+1 Flashy
+1 Quick
+0 Forceful
Because I see things you don't, I get +2 when I Carefully Overcome Obstacles related to perception and searching.
Because I can access the source code of the universe, once per session I can rewrite the laws of reality for a scene.
Because I play with a fifth-dimensional control pad, I get +2 when I Cleverly Create Advantages when I reassemble the physical world.

High Concept: THE WIZARD!!!
Trouble: Grumpy old man
Other Aspects: I live on the moon, Almost entirely improbable life story, Stars and smoke!
+3 Forceful
+2 Flashy
+2 Clever
+1 Quick
+1 Careful
+0 Sneaky
Because I channel dangerous energies, I get +2 when I Forcefully Attack opponents with thunder and lightning.
Because I am sorcerer from space, I get +2 when I Flashily Create Advantages related to stars and smoke.
Because I possess the Azure Gem of Insight, once per session I can ask the GM a yes-or-no question about the game universe, which they will answer truthfully.


  1. That's awesome. I'm a but like Stu, though. Thanks to my clever fondle skill, I currently have a 16-person space mining team.

  2. I'm not very good at the packet fondling, though I did find a minotaur that way.

  3. I'm DMing for my kids right now and they use minifigs to represent their characters in game.