Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Flaamff for Far Away Land

Flaamff (1)
"It's me, Barney the Flaamff!"
Archetype: Monster
Size: Small (0)

Flaamffs are rubbery floating jellyfish who worship the Cosmic Wanderer. These good natured creatures live in dungeons, ruins, and other out-of-the-way locations where adventurers tend to frequent. Small cloisters of flaamffs patrol dangerous rooms, passages, and chambers looking for wounded heroes to heal with magic and medicinal fungus. If attacked, these peaceful creatures defend themselves with their stink spray and try to flee. They only lash out with their tentacle spikes as a last resort.

HP: 13, AC: 0, ACT: 5
BRT: 1, DEX: 1, WIT: 2

Tentacle Spikes (1): 1d3 damage, Stink Spray (1): Makes target nauseous, Magic (1): Equal to LVL, Flight

Flaamff PCs
Boons: 2
Abilities: Tentacle Spikes (1d3 damage), Stink Spray, Flight