Friday, February 10, 2017

The Flumph for Ryuutama [Flumph Friday February]

Today I present to you the Flumph for Ryuutama (a delightful game I intend on reviewing in the near future.)


Level: 4
Habitat: All
Season: All
Materials: Flumph pearl (500gp)
Draconica Number: 537

HP: 12
MP: 16
STR: 6 DEX: 4 INT: 6 SPI: 8
Initiative: 5
Condition: 7
Accuracy: d4 + d6 
Damage: d6 + poison: 4
Armor: None

Flumphs are friendly and peaceful little creatures that came down from far-off stars. They resemble rubbery floating jellyfish with googly eyes on the ends of flexible stalks. Shy and secretive, they make their homes in hidden shrines across the world. They will gladly help any travelers who are lost or injured. Though peaceful, a threatened flumph can defend itself with a noxious stream of poisonous acid. 
Special Abilities: Posion - A creature hit by a flumph's attack suffers [poison: 4]. Blessings of the High Ones - The flumph knows all Spring Magic spells, plus the Cure Touch spell.

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