Thursday, November 15, 2018

Golden Humongous NPCS (Wrath & Glory)

We're coming up on the last couple of sessions of out Warhammer 40K: Wrath & Glory campaign. The campaign's going to be shorter than I orignally intended--it's not quite hitting my creative buttons as much as I'd like, and I'm eager to start my historical horror-fantasy LotFP campaign. The warband is going to scour the lost city of Yggdrail on the planet Ymir, then I think we're going to put them on the shelf for a while. It will be a good adventure to end the campaign on.

All that said, I'm pretty plleased withthe NPC crew I came up with for the Golden Humongous--the voidship the warband serves on under the command of Lord Captain Gabriel Galahad.

"WWPHITM" (pronounced WHUP-a-tum) stands for "Who Would Play Him/Her in the Movie." It's a useful character stat Ipicked up from my work with QAGS.

Golden Humongous

  • Conquest class Star Galleon 
  • 5 km long. Crew of 65,000 
  • Massive void ship, ancient and powerful. 
  • Several decks have been closed off for 5000 years. 
  • Persistent maintenance problems. 
  • Giant golden Valkyrie on prow. Custom gravity generators on outer hull to make massive banners flap and wave impressively.

Lord Captain, Gabriel Galahad, Rogue Trader
Servo skull! Take a letter!
  • Arrogant and daring. Swashbuckling vagabond hero of the Imperium who’s claimed a dozen systems in the name of the Emperor. Also the ponciest ponce who ever ponced. 
  • Writ of Trade signed by the emperor Himself, passed down for over 200 generations over 10 millennia. 
  • Currently looking for a proper wife. 
  • Bridge crew is all attractive women. 
  • WWPHITM: Matthew Berry 

Sister Lucinda
  • Adepta Sororitas Hospitaller 
  • Ship’s Medicae 
  • WWPHITM: Salma Hayak 

For the emperor!
  • Tech Priest 
  • Ship’s Engiseer 
  • Lecherous and foul 
  • Overclocked emotional processor 
  • WWPHITM: Matt Frewer 

Captain Boudica Grimm
  • Ship’s arch militant 
  • Commander of Imperial Guard, 317th Battalion. “Emperor’s Fury” 
  • WWPHITM: Angelina Jolie 

Desdemona of House Belphoebe
  • Ship’s Navigator 
  • Haughty and Serene. Secure of her position onboard. 
  • Long proud line of Navigators that have worked on the Golden Humongous for 10,000 years. 
  • WWPHITM: Cate Blanchett 

Caliban Cane
  • Ship’s Atstropath 
  • Blind, spidery, unusually tall. 
  • Has 17 cats. 
  • WWPHITM: Doug Jones 

Ecclesiarch Hironimus Blott
  • Old but fiery 
  • Side interest in archaeology 
  • Champion swordsman in his youth 
  • WWPHITM: Michael Gambon 

Tiberius Grubbs
  • Ship’s Bosun and Galahad’s chief aide. 
  • Soft-spoken, but fiercely loyal to his captain. 
  • WWPHITM: Noel Fielding 

Corporal Daniel “Danny” Daniels
  • Shuttle and transport pilot 
  • Chirpy, excitable, optimistic 
  • WWPHITM: Tom Holland

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