Sunday, January 6, 2019

Arm Replacement Table

Only three sessions into our Lamentations of the Flame Princess game, and already two different PCs have lost an arm in combat (all thanks to Cavegirl's Horrible Wounds rules).

That's awesome!

So now they're planning on making another trip to the Ghoul Market to visit the Skinsmith. I get the feeling the PCs are going to give the him a lot of repeat business with limb replacement. Of course, that crafty old demon likes to improvise with these sort of operations, and you rarely leave with the arm you hoped to get.

Time to make a new table!

When you visit the Skinsmith to replace an arm, pay 1d6x100sp and roll 1d12 on the table below: 

Oh my god! What has the Skinsmith replaced my arm with?
  1. Scaly, clawed demon arm (1d4 damage from claws)
  2. Suckered tentacle (+5’ reach).
  3. Skeleton arm with mummified sinews.
  4. Some H. R. Giger biomechanical monstrosity.
  5. Thorny, leafy, plant-like limb (can grow into a sword, 1d8 damage).
  6. A snake! (Bite only does 1 damage, but target must make a save vs poison or take damage equal to 2d4 + your CON bonus).
  7. Wooden puppet arm.
  8. Zombie/Frankenstien arm (you take 1d3 damage from holy water).
  9. Surprisingly sophisticated clockwork prosthetic (+1 to Tinkering).
  10. Green-skinned mutant arm with grotesque, over-large muscles (+1 damage with weapons wielded with this arm).
  11. Child’s arm (-1 to hit with this arm).
  12. An actual adult human arm, you lucky FREAK!
With a few easy adjustments, you can also use this table for replacement legs, genitals, or whatever.

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