Monday, July 15, 2019

Draugr & Draculas now on Drivethru RPG!

It’s been a busy couple of months here down in the Flumphworks. A lot of projects coming through and/or being launched. I’m at least two sessions behind on my campaign updates. At the very least. But like I said, projects are wrapping up and coming out. For instance…

Draugr & Draculas is now available on DriveThru RPG!

Dr&Dr is my 64-page OSR zine that includes…
  • Information on Draugr
  • The Draugr Karl class
  • The Pagan’s Well dungeon
  • Satanic Pacts
  • Information on vampires
  • Count Dracula, his castle, and his minions
  • The Vampire Hunter class
  • Elizabeth Bathory and her Blood Magic
  • New spells and magic items

I have very, very few print copies left for sale, but I have more on order. I have a Gumroad store I’m setting up where you’ll be able to get them soon (or, y’know, contact me directly).

Next up… Leopard Women!


  1. Congrats man! It looks really, really good. How would one(me)go about procuring a physical copy?

    1. Thank you, sir!
      Give me a day or two to get the Gumroad site set up.
      Alternately, email me a jlhburnett at gmail and I'll hook you up.

  2. It's well worth the price folks!