Saturday, November 2, 2019

Leopard Women of Venus for Troika!

The Kickstarter for Leopard Women of Venus still has 18 days to go, and we’re just $400 away from funding. If you haven’t checked LWoV out yet, click the link above and give it a look-see! I think you’ll like it.

Speaking of crazy sci-fi-fantasy settings, I’ve spoken before about how much I love Daniel Sell’s Troika. I think Leopard Woman would fit in quite well beneath the Hump-Backed Sky, executing who knows what kind of missions for the sinister Science Robots. So here they are as a Troika background.

Leopard Woman of Venus

You once were a normal citizen with a caste and a job--just a comfortable cog in a subterranean techno-socialist “utopia.” Then your masters, the Science Robots, chose you for some reason. They filled you with radioactive leopard blood and rewired your brain with pranic circuitry, making you faster, stronger, better. Now it’s your duty to defend Venus from all manner of alien evil. What threats does the city of Troika hide?

  • Comet Fire Helmet (as fusil)
  • 3 Plasmic Cores
  • Leopard Skin Armor (modest armor)
  • Flying Saurian (Medium beast, flies)

Advanced Skills
  • 3 Saurian Riding
  • 3 Comet Fire Helmet Fighting
  • 2 Hand-to-Hand Fighting
  • 2 Propaganda
  • 2 Spell: Leopard Blood

Leopard Blood (X)
The Leopard Woman channels her prana through the irradiated leopard blood coursing through her veins. She gains a bonus to her Skill on her next action equal to the number of Vitality she spent when casting the spell.


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