Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Snail Wrangler [Troika! Background]

Snail Wrangler
Snails. They’re everywhere, man. God’s perfect creations. But someone needs to wrangle them, and that someone is you. It’s your job to round up the feral snails that would surely disrupt productive business if left to roam wild. You’re always on the watch for threats to your mollusky flock, and your trusty fusil is always near at hand to drive off the squirrels, turkeys, and snail rustlers that would prey upon your charges. 

  • Fusil
  • Belt with 3 fusion cores
  • Snail crook (treat as staff)
  • Shelljack (light armor)
  • Loyal riding snail (moderate beast, armor 2, with proper bags can carry twice as much as a mule)
  • 1d6 snails, fist-sized or smaller, of below-average intelligence

Advanced Skills
  • 3 Riding
  • 2 Healing
  • 2 Awareness
  • 2 Fusil Fighting 
  • 2 Staff fighting
  • 4 Language: Snailish
  • 4 Secret Signs: Snails

You are immune to all snail-borne diseases such as snail pox, the slimy fever, and meningitis.

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