Monday, January 28, 2013

[Mini-Map Monday] Temple of the Bat God!

It's no secret that I love maps. I love looking at them, I love exploring them, but most of all, I love drawing them. To keep my cartography skills sharp and to share my mappy fun, I've decided to post a new map each Monday. It might be a dungeon, a building, or a geographic location. It'll change around a bit.

Also, I don't at all pretend this is an original idea (Dyson makes beautiful maps!)

So let's start things off with The Temple of the Bat God!

Steep stairs lead to the temple, which is carved into the side of a dark mountain and is occupied by innocuous priests. A secret door behind the altar hides the entrance to a series of caves deep within the mountain. The caves are occupied by giant bats and a monstrous Bat God himself! A large black pit leads to the Deep Down Dark, home to all manner of subterranean evil.

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