Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lord Roboticus!

Last night, my Skype gaming group wanted to play something, and none of us had any solid ideas. We decided to adapts some of our old Spirit of the Century characters to Fate Accelerated, and I said I'd run a quick scenario. 

In a few minutes I had written up Lord Roboticus, mechanical menace of Mars. I started the scenario with the PC Centurions (Boomarang Jack and Xor: Champion of Mu) midair, falling off a cliff towards the monster-filled river far below while Lord Roboticus and his Cog minions gloated from above. We proceeded from there with about an hour of crazy pulp stunts and martial arts. 

Here's our villain...

Lord Roboticus
Lord Roboticus is an 8-foot-tall robot with red, triangular eyes a large black cape. His dome holds the brains of the six most evil villains in Mars's history, melded into an evil genius gestalt.

High Concept: Evil Robot Warlord
Trouble: Grandiose
Other Aspects: The six most evil brains on Mars

I like to doodle while I run games.
Careful +3
Clever +5
Flashy +2
Forceful +4
Quick +1
Sneaky +0

Because I swing a massive energy axe, I get +2 when I forcefully attack an opponent in melee combat.

Because I have rockets in my feet, once per session I can leave a scene, even in the middle of a conflict, without making a concession, as long as I could fly out of there.

Stress: OOOO

The Cogs are Roboticus's mechanical henchmen. They are spherical metal robots with spindly arms and legs with a single red eye in the center of their boxy heads. They left arms end in dish-shaped death-ray emitters. 

Aspect: Rolly-polly battle droids

Skilled (+2): Death ray blasting, Ganging up on good guys
Bad (-2): Sneaking, Independent forethought

Stress: O

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