Friday, January 9, 2015

Cast Down the Beautiful Demon

Over on G+ I posted a "showin' off the goods" pic of my new copy of Red and Pleasant Land. This is my Joeskytax/Noahtax payment for such a self-indulgent post.

Weapon (greatsword) , legendary (requires attunement by a non-elf)

This iron greatsword is of dwarven make and is inscribed with hobgoblin runes. A skilled smith can tell that the runes were added at least a hundred years after the sword's original creation. The runes spell the hobgoblin phrase Trach-Nauch-Kokkourgonugh which translates (roughly) to "Cast Down the Beautiful Demon."

You gain +1 to hit and damage while using this sword. The sword inflicts an extra 2d6 psychic damage to elves of all breeds. Additionally, while holding this sword, you gain Advantage on any saving throw made to resist a spell cast by an elf.

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