Monday, January 19, 2015

Qaryonn-Kaer [Mini-Map Monday]

I'm planning ahead. Eventually my players will complete The Lost Mine of Phandelver and will need someplace new to explore. They'll even find a map to a new dungeon in Wave Echo Cave.

So I made that dungeon.

It still needs to be stocked. I'll do that at some point and share.

Qaryonn-Kaer was an ancient vault and sanctum created in Times of Old by the joint efforts of both Dwarves and Dragonborn. It has lain abandoned for untold centuries. Koa-Toa have moved in from the underground sea, and made it their home.

Three levels. A secret door on Level 1 leads to a covered hole that drops to the stream on Level 2. Another secret door on Level 1 reveals to an iron ladder that leads down to Level 3. The non-secret stairs lead to Level 2.

The stream on Level 2 flows into a floorless room and ends in a waterfall that drops down to the lake on Level 3. The stairs sandwiched between the jail cells are the safer way to get to Level 3.

Level 3 features much larger chambers. A large square room features a catwalk around its perimeter. An altar to The Crawdad Queen sits on an island in the lake, across from the waterfall.

Qaryonn-Kaer Level 1

Qaryonn-Kaer Level 2

Qaryonn-Kaer Level 3


  1. Plain ol' ink on graph paper & scanned?

    1. Pencil on graph paper, then scanned, then de-saturated and contrast-adjusted in photoshop.