Thursday, February 19, 2015

"Aces" -- Legendary sword of Druuj the Slayer

I don't like giving out boring weapons in my D&D games. Even a "generic" Sword +1 in my games has a distinctive look and a bit of history to it. The newest Dungeon Master's Guide has some nice tables to help spark ideas, too, which I appreciate.

The players in my new D&D game recently found this sword in our "Lost Mines of Phandelver" game (replacing Talon in the Redbrand hideout).

This longsword grants its wielder +1 to hit and damage rolls and does not require attunement. The hilt bears a large spade symbol (as in a deck of cards) and the crossguards are made of horn. The heavy, serrated blade is made of dark, meteoric iron. The grip is wrapped in strange black leather, and the pommel ends in a wicked spike.

The mighty warrior Druuj the Slayer wielded Aces in Times of Old. Druuj came out of the North from unknown lands. Neither wholly good or wholly evil, Druuj worshiped strange, foreign gods and slew both men and monsters. According to legend, Aces sings alien war hymns in the heat of battle.

Aces was inspired by another magic sword I saw on some Tunnels & Trolls website years ago. I wish I could remember which one. 

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