Monday, February 23, 2015

Lost Mines of Phandelver Rumors

At the start of our Lost Mines of Phandelver campaign, I gave each of the player characters a couple of rumors to help give them some buy-in to the adventure and the setting.

Rumors for Vandalr, a Dragonborn Paladin/Noble
A group of ruffians known as the Redbrands have been throwing their weight around Phandalin, bullying the villagers and making life miserable. Their leader is known as The Glasstaff.

The mayor of Phandalin, Harbin Wester, is a weak and pompous man, more interested in filling his belly and his coin purse than helping the town.

Rumors for Kokiri, an Elf Rogue/Sailor
A year ago, you were almost killed in a bar fight by a gang of thugs called the Redbrands. You've heard they've set up shop in Phandalin.

The mayor of Phandalin has put out a bounty on the orcs that have been prowling the mountains near Basilisk Spur. 100 gp goes to the party who takes care of the problem.

Rumors for Bramble, a Gnome Rogue/Charlatan
A book you swindled from a dwarf merchant in Horizon says that the ghost of an elvish diviner resides in the woods west of Conyberry. The book says if you gain her favor, she will answer any one question for you.

A shipment to Phandalin from the Lion Shield Coster (a merchant company) has been waylaid by unknown bandits. There is a standing reward of 50gp for the return of the stolen goods.

Rumors for Digby, a Half-Elf Wizard/Noble
Kost, a Yellow Warlock agent has been conducting an archeological dig the ruins of Old Owl Well, an ancient wizard's tower.

The town of Thundertree was destroyed by an earthquake almost 30 years ago. Deep fissures in the ground released alien vapors that caused the dead to rise.

Rumors for Roanvine, a human Ranger/Outlander
You have heard rumors that a green dragon has made its lair somewhere in Red Widow Woods, south of Horizon.

A unknown beast has been killing sheep and cattle in the hills south of Phandalin. It's only a matter of time before some poor villager falls victim to its depredations.

Rumors for Skeld, a Dwarf Cleric/Sag
Wotan granted you a vision. In your dreams, you saw a ruined dwarven keep overrun by goblins. The old altar of Wotan has been defiled and rededicated to unholy, pagan entities. Such an affront must not stand!

Before the town was destroyed by orcs three centuries ago, Phandalin was ruled by the Tresender family, widely rumored to be a bloodline of warlocks.

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