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Star Trek with Fate Accelerated (Part 1, Characters)

So I watch the old Star Trek just about every Saturday night on MeTV, right before Svengoolie. Every time I think "Man, I should run a Star Trek game." Well, this week it really stuck under my skin, so I started writing up a bunch of rules for playing Star Trek with Fate Accelerated Edition.

Star Trek typically isn't focused on action and combat. The nice thing about Fate Accelerated is that its conflict rules work just as well for phaser blasting a cadre of Romulans as they do for talking a group of robots to death using logical paradoxes.

This here is just a long string of Flashy social attacks...

So yeah, FAE is perfect.

Here's the rules for creating Star Trek characters with Fate Accelerated. I have starship rules I'll post next. These rules weren't created in a vacuum. I took influences from a few other places. Federation Rules insist that I site my sources, of course.


Star Trek Online wiki: 

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One last word. I know that Betazoids and Trill didn't appear in the original series, but my wife likes them and she's one of my players, so I put them in anyway.

Star Trek: Fate of the Federation
Star Trek using Fate Accelerated

Original Series period  (mid-23rd century) but in an alternate continuity, separate from either the original universe or the Kelvin timeline. This helps smooth over cannon conflicts. It also allows a player to be a Federation Klingon or android without stepping on Worf or Data’s toes.

Setting Assumptions
The universe in generally optimistic. There are troubles and conflicts and all-out wars, but for the most part the powers of good, community, and altruism ultimately win. The Federation is a techno-socialist utopia in a post-scarcity society (or very close to being so). The Federation is a force for good in the universe. Starfleet is the Federation’s military peace-keeping, exploration, and diplomatic arm. The PCs are heroes. They may have conflicts and even dark secrets, but overall they are the good guys.

Character Creation
As per normal Fate Accelerated, with a few minor tweaks to required aspects and stunts.

You get five of these. Most should describe specific character details in order to feel properly Star Treky.
  1. High Concept: Should describe your function in Starfleet, as well as your species if not human, and maybe an evocative adjective. Brave captain of the U.S.S. Beowulf, Swashbuckling Andorian security chief, Cynical android engineer, Plucky young ensign.
  2. Trouble: Your major source of conflict and drama; same as in base FAE. Torn between my human and Vulcan heritages; Displaced out of time; I don’t play by your rules; Young, naive, and chirpy; Extended state of barely-controlled pon farr.
  3. Relationship: Describe your relationship with another character. It needn’t be positive. It can be either a PC or NPC (but a PC has more potential for drama). Unresolved romantic feelings for Yeoman Jones; My buddy, Engineer Smith; “I’ll get you for this, Harry Mudd!”
  4. Background: Describe what you did before joining Starfleet or how joining Starfleet affected you. Simple country doctor; First one in my family to leave Earth; Academy linguistic prodigy; Last survivor of the Tenebrae Disaster.
  5. Wildcard: Your last aspect can be anything you want. Make it interesting! A cousin in every starbase; Master of Klingon martial arts; Latent telepathic abilities; Tribbles! Tribbles everywhere!

Per the normal rules for FAE. However, if you play a non-human species you should/must take at least one stunt relating to your alien heritage.

Example Alien Stunts

Vulcan Stunts
Vulcan_captain,_first_contact.jpgBecause I can use the Vulcan Nerve Pinch, I get +2 to sneakily attack a single opponent when they aren’t expecting it.

Because I can use the Vulcan Mind Meld, I get +2 to carefully create advantages related to thoughts and memories pulled from a linked mind.

Because my dedication to logic has purged my mind of all emotion, once per session I can ignore all stress from a social or mental attack.

Andorian Stunts
120065ad88709c015c3eb2663ff82791.jpgBecause I am trained to use the deadly ushaan-tor, I get +2 when I quickly attack an individual with my Andorian ice knife.

Because I am trained in Andorian military tactics, once per session I can automatically create an aspect (with a free tag) or remove an aspect for my side while in combat.

Because I get stronger the more you hurt me, once per session I can I positively invoke all the physical consequences I currently have for free.

Tellarite Stunts
Gav.jpgBecause I am stubborn and strong willed, I get +2 to forcefully defend against attempts to sway my opinion or control my mind.

Because my people are master engineers, I get +2 to cleverly create advantages when working on starship systems.

Because I am impatient and short tempered, once per session I can choose to go first in the turn order of a conflict, regardless of Quick scores.

Orion Stunts
OrionMale2154.jpgBecause, as an Orion female, I produce irresistible pheromones, I get +2 to sneakily attack receptive males in social situations (consequences from such attacks will put the target further and further under the Orion’s sway).

Because I am a sexy beast, I get +2 to flashily create advantages in social situations where I use brazen physical seduction.

Because I am part of the Orion Pirate Syndicate, once per session I can locate an allied underground contact willing to give me aide and/or succor.

Betazoid Stunts
Star-Trek-The-Next-Generation-marina-sirtis-35468332-694-530.jpgBecause I am an empath, I get +2 to carefully create an advantage when trying to determine another character’s Weakness or Consequences.

Because I can telepathically influence emotions in others, I get +2 to stealthily create advantage on an individual when creating aspects related to emotional states.

Because I can mentally sooth fear and trauma, once per session I can remove all stress and/or a mild mental-based consequence from an individual.

Joined Trill Stunts
trill.jpgBecause I am joined with a symbiote, once per session I can trade the scores between two of my Approaches for a scene, as I tap into knowledge from a previous life.

Because I have lived many lives before, I get +2 when I cleverly create advantages that place aspects on myself representing skills and experience I’ve retained from previous hosts.

Because two brains are better than one, I get +2 to carefully defend against psychic attacks or telepathic influence.

Caitian Stunts
Srrel_admiral.jpgBecause I am an agile leaper, I get +2 to quickly overcome obstacles when moving from zone to zone or avoiding zone barriers.

Because I have sensitive ears and whiskers, I get +2 to carefully overcome obstacles when trying to detect hidden threats or prey

Because I work well as part of a team, once per session I can add my entire Approach to a roll while helping a teammate.

Original Series Klingon Stunts
KangYoung.pngBecause I am physically stronger than a human, I get +2 to forcefully overcome obstacles or create advantages when using brute strength.

Because I have several redundant organ systems, I get a fourth stress box.

Because I am a space fascist full of plots and schemes, I get +2 to cleverly create advantages related to lies and manipulation.

Because I fight better once my shirt is ripped and my chest is bleeding, I get +2 to flashily attack in personal combat when I have a mild physical consequence.

Because I never go anywhere without my type 3 phaser rifle, I get +2 to quickly attack in ranged combat.

Because I live and breathe military bureaucracy, I get +2 to cleverly attack in a debate when quoting rules, regulations, and precedent.

Because I am the best trombonist in Starfleet, I get +2 to flashily create advantages while playing Dixieland jazz.

Because I can give an inspiring speech like nobody’s business, I get +2 to flashily create advantages relating to morale and motivation.

Because the beatings will continue until morale improves, I get +2 to forcefully create advantages relating to motivation and loyalty.

Because I can jerry-rig just about anything , I get +2 to quickly create advantages when working on machinery with little time and the wrong tools.

Because I am a doctor of xenoanthropology, I have +2 to cleverly create advantages when discovering aspects of alien species.

Because my brain is highly trained in analytics, I have +2 to cleverly create advantages when contemplating large amounts of complex data.

Because I am fluent in 300 distinct alien dialects, I get +2 to cleverly overcome obstacles when translating languages or breaking codes.

Because I know a guy who knows a guy, once per session while on a Federation planet, I can find a friendly NPC willing to help me with aid or resources.

Because I am trained in covert operations, I get +2 to sneakily defend against being noticed.

Because my alien body is silicon-based, I get +2 to forcefully defend against physical attacks.

Because I always have the right tool for the right job, once per session I can automatically create an aspect (with a free tag) representing a handy piece of non-weapon equipment I just so happen to have.

Because I can, in fact, change the laws of physics, once per session I can change all the blanks on my roll to pluses.

The PCs, regardless of rank or specialty, will almost always be chosen to go on away missions. That’s just how Star Trek works.

Any away team heading to a hostile or dangerous area can bring can bring along a group of Redshirts (one group per away team). Redshirts are treated as mooks in Fate Accelerated.

Four-Man Security Team
Brave and Loyal, Phaser Bait
Skilled (+2) at: Following orders, shooting phasers
Bad (-2) at: Spotting danger
Stress: OO (four redshirts)

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