Monday, July 8, 2013

Healing Magic in Bitlandia [Fate Core]

I've continued to mull over things for my at-some-point-I-want-to-run-this 16-bit JRPG fantasy game with Fate. I need to consider healing magic.
Grrr... we're badass warriors of Light... Grr grr...

Now, magical/superpowered/whatever healing isn't a big thing in Fate. The Dresden Files RPG all but completely poo-poos it, and the new Fate Core book touches on it only brielfy. What I've seen of the Magic Toolkit doesn't talk about it. Simply said, damage in Fate isn't really that problematic. Stress goes away at the end of a conflict, and most consequences really aren't that bad. They even give you Fate points when they cause you trouble.

That said, the white magic healer is such a common trope in games like Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy, that my Bitlandia setting pretty much requires their inclusion. So I banged out some rules.

For non-healing, flashy-bangy magic, I'm going to adapt the "Storm Callers" magic system presented in the Fate Magic Toolkit. I used that as a starting point and tried to make White Magic fit pretty close with it, mechanically. I also took clues from some of the stunts in the Fate Core book.

Give them a look-see and let me know what you think, gang!

Extra: Healer
Followers of the the Quiet Maiden, Keeper of the White Chalice, can channel powerful healing magic and ease the physical and spiritual wounds of the world. Unlike Storm Magic, White Magic has no elemental connection.

Permissions: None, anyone may follow the path of the Quiet Maiden.
Costs: Aspects, Skills, possibly Stunts.

To become a Healer:
-Reduce your Refresh by one
-Take an Aspect that reflects your relation to The Quiet Maiden, bearer of the White Chalice (i.e. White Chalice Pilgrim, Quiet White Wizard Girl).
-Take the White Magic skill

White Magic Aspects
Passive Effect: The healer is immune to most mild, natural diseases and illness--the common cold, stomach flu, sinus infections, etc.

Invoke to: Nurture - Any action involving healing or caring for the sick, injured, or cursed.

Compel to: Pity - When people are in need, the Healer can be compelled to lend put aside her priorities and lend aid.

New Skill: White Magic
This is the skill used to channel healing magic.

Overcome: Use White Magic to remove stuck aspects relating to illness, curses, or poison. You can also use White Magic to give treatment to a person suffering physical consequences to start the recovery process.  

Additionally, once per conflict, you can try and remove all physical stress from an individual. The difficulty is equal to the highest level of physical stress they currently have.

Create an Advantage: Use White Magic to stick aspects to allies relating to physical well-being, spiritual strength, and other  “Buffs.”

Attack: Use White Magic to attack undead, devils, and other creatures of the Dark.

Defend: Use White Magic to defend against attacks from undead, devils, and other creatures of the Dark.

White Magic Stunt: Healmore
Once per session, you can attempt to lessen the degree of a physical consequence suffered by yourself or another. Spend a Fate Point (you, the healer) and roll to Overcome with a difficulty equal to the stress level of the Consequence. If successful, the consequence is reduced by one degree. Severe becomes moderate. Moderate becomes mild. Mild disappears. A consequence can only be reduced once. This does not work on extreme consequences.

A healer character in Bitlandia might look something like this...

Lyrra Redcloud
Pacifist, shmacifist...
High Concept: White Chalice Pilgrim
Trouble: Fiery temper
A rough and tumble past
(2 aspects left open)

Great +4: White Magic
Good +3: Lore, Notice
Fair +2: Will, Provoke, Fight
Average +1: Athletics, Crafts, Contacts, Ride

Healmore (White Magic)
See above
Staff Fighter (Fight)
Get +2  to Create an Advantage when fighting against multiple opponents while using a staff.

Not to be Messed With (Provoke)
Can use Provoke to defend against attempts to intimidate or charm.

Refresh: 2
Physical Stress: OO
Mental Stress: OOO

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