Sunday, July 21, 2013

Spaceships and Teddy Bears [Urseminite PCs for Stars Without Number]

So last week, our space-heroes finally got themselves a starship, though not without complications.

They found a electronic ship locator on the bodies of some less-fortunate explorers in the old bio-lab ruins. The locator indicated a shuttle a few miles away, buried under many years of sand. When our heroes get there, they discover that a band of road agents (the Dread Bear'uns) have inadvertently made camp over the buried shuttle.

This led to the larges firefight or combat that I've ever run with the group. The PCs did an amazing job because they fought smart. They split up the bandits and used heavy weapons and long-range rifles to take out most of the bad-guys before they could get into range. When the surviving gang members lost morale and ran, they let them go. The PCs got through it with barely a scratch.

They managed to kill the Dread Bear'uns leader. Big Lou is a three-foot-tall, foul-mouthed, teddy bear in power armor carrying a massive thunder gun. He is, in fact, an Useminite, an alien species for vile, badass teddy bear mercenaries I lifted from the Bulldogs! RPG.

The party quickly dug out the shuttle (having a couple of robots helped) and blasted off just as the surviving Bear'Uns staged a counter attack. Hitting the ether, the shuttle was able to auto-pilot back to it's home-ship,a free merchant class frigate called Electric Worry.

Electric Worry was abandoned for 25 years and had drifted to the other side of the Las Diabla's smaller sun. The empty ship had been over-run by silicone-based crystaline vacuum monsters--spider-like creatures that shot lasers out of their eyes and served a bloated queen node. These creatures proved to be a greater problem than the Bear'Uns. The ship was cold with no power, and the PCs had to fight with no gravity in hard vacuum. After a several desperate sorties, and with the loss of loayal battle-bot Helper-2, the PCs were manage to clear the ship and claim it for their own.

'Sup, mutha-fucker?
Urseminite PCs
Urseminites resemble cute, cuddly, little three-foot tall teddy bears. They are violent, loud, vice-driven
creatures with universally obnoxious personal habits and no sense of personal honor. An Urseminite war-band is an abrasive, adorable, blood-thirsty, fuzzy storm of murder and pillage.

Lenses: Gluttony, Wrath

Home Plant: Cuddlehugs Farm, a wretched world of vice and evil that has, thankfully, has remained out of contact since the Scream.

Requirements: Must have a Constitution of 14 or more, and a Charisma of 8 or less.

Benefits: You get to be a bad-ass teddy bear with an attitude like Lobo. Also, you have claws at the end of your hands that let you fight as though you had kinesis wraps.

Because of your dinky size, any armor you wear must be custom fitted and might cost 50% more. Thankfully, because of your compact build and large paws, you can use human-sized weapons with no problem, no matter how silly it looks.

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