Thursday, July 25, 2013

Random Passenger Table [Persephone Sector]

Now that my Stars Without Number players have gotten themselves a spaceship, they want to make some extra cash taking on passengers as they travel from job to job. Real Firefly-like.

The random charts in the SWN book do a decent job of crating random NPCs, and there are dozens of random people generators scattered across the Net, but none of them have quite what I'm looking for. I've been told that the new merchant campaign supplement for SWN, Suns of Gold, would be useful to me, but I haven't had a chance to pick it up yet (something I will rectify shortly).

I'm looking for a random table that will tell me who the passenger is, where they're going, what they are taking with them, and what they want to do when they get there. A twist factor would be nice, too.

So, in the DIY spirit, I made my own table. It should be easily hackable by interested parties. Just swap out your own planets and alien species in the proper proportions.

You can also see the thing as a PDF or Document.

Roll 1d20
Passenger is a... Who works as a... Who needs to go to... With... In order to... With the complication that...
Human Businessman Cedar An alien artifact Attend a wedding They have a mysterious illness!
Human Priest Netherpool A cache of drugs Get married There's a bounty
on their head!
Human Scholar Moloch A religious icon Avoid getting married They are an AI in disguise!
Human Mercenary Anatu Prototype designs Start a new job They are a
homicidal maniac!
Human Bounty Hunter Anatu A robot sidekick File a report They're perused by a jealous lover!
Human Explorer Croesus Fat stacks of cash Deliver a message It's a race against time!
Human Journalist Croesus A dead body Go sightseeing Their money is all counterfeit!
Human Noble Kraken A strange
alien animal
Explore some ruins They are working for space pirates!
Human Salesman Las Diablas A strange
alien plant
Kill someone They are monster
in disguise!
Human Entertainer Volgograd A pretech artifact Escape the law They are perused
 by rivals!
Naga Space Hobo Volgograd A large cache of weapons Avoid a murder rap They are wanted
by the local authorities!
Naga Musician Katarina A treasure map Attend a funeral They are smuggling illegal goods!
Naga Veteran New Arcadia Dangerous maltech Rob someone They are one of
the PC's childhood friends!
Yurgling Servant Yurgoloth A bundle of correspondences Sell their wares They are nobility
in disguise!
Yurgling Laborer Gehenna Much-needed medicine Complete a religious pilgrimage They develop a crush on a PC!
Yurgling Engineer Dolores Large crates of
Join the military They have odious personal habits!
Hochog Artist Uld A personal vehicle Visit relatives They ask to join the PCs' ship crew!
Hochog Office Worker Chiaroscuro A huge collection
of various things
Start a new life They belong to a weird religious cult!
Flumph Doctor Chiaroscuro Nothing but the clothes on their back Return home after a completed mission They are working for the PCs' arch enemy!
Other Scientist An Unknown Planet Just the thing the PCs were looking for Return home after a failed mission They are working
for the person
who can help the PCs the most
 right now!

(EDIT: Wow, that is some border-busting table, isn't it?)

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