Friday, August 23, 2013

Megacorps in Persephone Sector

My Stars Without Numbers players are starting to get involved with the machinations of the various megacorporations that operate in Persephone Sector. These massive companies wield incredible power and influence in the sector, often rivaling that of planetary governments. On Croesus, the megacorps are the government.

The planets of Anatu, Netherpool, and Croesus form The Amalgamated Trade Confederation, a loose coalition bound together by trade treaties, non-aggression agreements, and extradition laws. Efforts are being made to bring Moloch and Cedar into the ATC. Cedar continues to dither and debate joining the Confederation, while Moloch is downright hostile to the idea.

While listing every corporation in Persephone Sector is impractical, the following are the four major megacorps everyone should know about...

Oroborus Industries
Oroborus is the most powerful megacorp in Persephone Sector. Their main industry is robotics and consumer electronics, but they have branches and child corporations in everything from biochem, to space transport, to weapons, to private security. Oroborus products have a distinctive, sinister glossy black look with chrome and neon red accents. Oroborus has bases of influence on several planets, but their main headquarters are located on Croesus.

Titanomachy Technologies
Titan Tech is Oroborus's main competition with over a century of bitter (sometimes violent) rivalry between them. Titan's main industry is military tech and weapon development, but (like Oroborus) they have their fingers in a lot of different pies. Products from Titan Tech are noted for their spartan functionality, not their aesthetics. Titanomachy ships and gear tend to be angular and boxy things, brown or gunmetal gray. Titanomachy Technologies is based on Netherpool.

Omnipresent Entertainment
Omnipresent Entertainment is Persephone Sector's premier source for entertainment, information, and media. Thousands of talented individuals are contracted to Omnipresent, and the corporation protects their stars like the precious resources they are. Omnipresent Entertainment's numer-one product is The Bernie the Flumph Show, a multi-media cartoon franchise that follows the comical exploits of a bumbling Flumph. Most Flumphs see Bernie as an insulting stereotype. Omnipresent is based on Anatu.

Panacea Phramacom
Panacea is the leading source for high-tech medicine, biochem, and gene-tech in Persephone Sector. The corporation has easy access to Anatu's wealth of rare fungal compounds, which gives them the edge over their competitors. Almost all level-5 medical technology in the sector originates from Panacea. Panacea is based on Anatu and is largely owned by the planetary government.

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