Monday, August 19, 2013

Shoggula's Lair! [Mini-Map Monday]

I'm still recovering from Gencon (ran four games, played in two more, sat on two seminars), and I haven't had a chance to make a new map.

Instead, I will share with you the map I used for one of my Gencon games, "The Town that Loved Hobos." The adventure was essentially a Hobomancer version of "Shadow over Innsmouth." The citizens of Jackson Falls all worship Shoggula, an ancient pre-human godling of slime and evil. His lair lies within a small cave complex hidden behind the eponymous Jackson Falls.

Click it to big it!

This here is the map I quickly drew at the table (with Sharpies) of Jackson Falls (pop. 300). It's a pleasant little village nestled in a mountain valley in the Appalachians. A train trellis stretches over and across the valley, and a winding dirt road lead down to the village.

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