Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sludge Dwarves [Dungeon World]

Allow me to present to you the masters of this Monday's mini-map, the foul Sludge Dwarves, all statted out for Dungeon World!

Sludge Dwarves
Cautious, Intelligent, Organized
Sludge Thrower: (1d8 damage) close, near
6 HP
3 Armor

The Sludge Dwarves plumb the poisonous depths of the Deep Down Bellow, mining, collecting, and refining the most noxious and dangerous of alchemical substances under the earth. They sell these chemicals to the various factions of the Deep Down Bellow as well as evil wizards and alchemists on the surface world.

Sludge Dwarves are thinner and more wiry than other dwarves, with greasy green-black beards and hair. Their gray skin is mottled with scaly patches and unhealthy purple lumps. Gritty brown slime perpetually coats their clothing and gear. The sludge thrower is disgusting hand-held weapon connected by a hose to a tank full of caustic ooze worn on the user's back.

Instinct: To spread foulness
  • Cause debilitating infection.
  • Resist poisons completely.
  • Present an organized front. 

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