Friday, February 1, 2013

The Flumph for Dungeon World [Flumph Friday]

To kick off Flumph Friday February, I proudly present the Flumph as adapted for Sage Latorra's Dungeon World!

Group, Small, Organized, Intelligent
Acid-Laced Spikes: (w[2d8] damage, +3 piercing) ; Hand, Close
8 HP
1 Armor
Special Qualities: Floating

While the strange flumphs originated on a bizarre and distant world, they have since made a home for themselves on Dungeon World. These quiet, peaceful creatures resemble floating jellyfish with rubbery yellow-green hide, dexterous tentacles, and inquisitive eye stalks. They speak the language of men and elves in airy, sing-song whispers.

Flumphs have a contemplative, monastic lifestyle. Small groups will congregate in remote grottos or alien spires to contemplate their weird alien gods. If assaulted, flumphs will try to blind or repel attackers with a steam of strong, noxious ichor. If pressed, they will call upon the magic of their gods for defense. Only as a last resort will they attack with the needle-sharp, acid-laced spikes hidden within their tentacles.

Instinct: To contemplate the wisdom of the High Ones

  • Disable with noxious chemicals.
  • Float in absolute silence.
  • Call upon the blessings of the High Ones.

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  1. Thanks for this! :) It may see some use tonight as I adapt "Dungeon from a Distant Star" for play in Adventures on Dungeon Planet.