Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Skull Witch! [Dungeon World]

The Lair of the Crimson Necromancer was pretty well received, and it got some people asking for more information about the Skull Witch. When I initially drew up the map, I didn't have any solid idea about who the Skull Witch was, I just thought the name was evocative. Of course, it's up to individual GMs to develop her as they see fit, but here's the Skull Witch as I envision her. Stats for Dungeon World!

The Skull Witch
Intelligent, Magical, Solitary
Evil Eye: (1d10 damage, ignores armor) close, near, far
16 HP
4 Armor

The Skull Witch (her true name is lost to history) was a foul sorceress in Times of Old. Upon her death she was rejected from Death's kingdom for being too unpleasant. She eventaully became mentor and lover to Radmanthus the Crimson Necromancer. When the necromancer was destroyed in his failed attampt at lichdom, the Skull Witch was heart-broken. Now she resides Radmanthus's former sanctum, lamenting her lost love and lashing out at interlopers. 

The skull witch is always attended by her collection of flying skulls. 

Instinct:  To bring misery.
  • Bind nether-spirits to her will.
  • Curse with a word.
  • Tear your skull right out of your head!

Flying Skulls
 Horde, Tiny
Gnasty Gnawing Teeth: (1d6 damage) hand, messy
7 HP
0 Armor
Special Qualities: Flying

After the Skull Witch removes the skull of a victim, she binds into it a foul spirit from the Darkest Nether. The skull gains an evil cunning and vicious temperament  Flying skulls will swarm the Witch's enemies, biting, gnawing, and tearing at them with sharp, hungry teeth.  

Instinct:  To protect the Skull Witch.
  • Gibber horrendous blasphemies.
  • Dart through the air at dizzying speeds.
  • Gnaw your face off!

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