Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Leopard Women of Venus is Now Available!

Through plague, through panic, through unrest, we finally pulled it off!

Leopard Women of Venus is now available in PDF!

Leopard Women of Venus
(LWoV) is an update of the feverish science-fantasy setting Leighton Connor and I originally wrote 10 years ago for QAGS. It's based on the bizarre and unique comics of pre-code Golden Age cartoonist Fletcher Hanks!

This exciting new version is written for Dungeon Crawl Classics and includes tons of new content!

  • Three complete new Patrons: Stardust the Super Wizard, Fantomah the Jungle Goddess, and SPANDO (from Anne Hunter)
  • The fearsome Leopard Woman class. 
  • Dozens of new of monsters.
  • A 0-level funnel (Saucer Full of Secrets) and Level-1 adventure (Mine of the Moglugs).
  • Updated and expanded background and setting information. 
  • Brand new art from Erol Otus, Matt Kish, Bradley K. McDevitt, Evlyn Moreau, Juan Navarro, Diogo Nogueira, and James V. West (also Leighton and I). 
  • So many random tables!
  • And just, like, a whole bunch more. 

It's awesome. You'll love it. Go check it out!

Print on Demand is coming soon!

Also... listen to me talk about this and a bunch of other things over on the Spellburn Podcast!

Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Shopping and Fashion in Xöthma-Ghül

Status and reputation is everything in the Crepuscular City of Xöthma-Ghül, and if you're going to rub shoulders with the monied elite, you're going to need to dress the part! Fashion is a fickle thing, and styles quickly rise and fall in popularity. Characters who want to keep on top of the latest trends in haberdashery should expect to spend a good chunk of their coin on sartorial affairs. 

Running a Shopping Montage in Xöthma-Ghül

This uses the Dungeon Crawl Classics rules.

A shopping montage takes takes 1d4 hours, as you travel from shoppe-to-shoppe. Picking background music is optional.

You must spend at least 100gp, just to get started.

If you depend on your knowledge of popular trends and societal fashions, Make a Personality roll. If you're don't know nothing about no fashion, make a Luck roll and hope for the best (one of those rare 1d20+mod Luck rolls, not just a roll-under). 

You get a +1 bonus to the roll for every 100gp you spend above the initial 100gp.

  • 9 or less: Tragically un-hip! You look stupid or hopelessly out-of-fashion. Suffer -1 to all social interaction rolls within the city while you wear those rags.
  • 10-14: You look acceptable to polite society. No bonus or penalty.
  • 15-19: Now you’re stylin’! Take +1 to social interactions within the city for the next 1d4 weeks as long as you wear those flashy threads. 
  • 20-24: You’re both stylin and profilin’! Take +2 to all social interactions within the city for the next 1d4 weeks as long as you wear that luxe fashion.
  • 25 or more: You trendsetter! Not only do you get that +2 bonus as above, but you start a new fad. The people of Xöthma-Ghül mimic your style for the rest of the season. Also, gain a Luck point, you influencer you!

After the shopping spree is done, the Judge should ask the PCs to describe what kind of fancy new clothes they've bought, good or bad. One-to-three quick, distinctive features should do. Just enough to be memorable without a lot of book-keeping. 

Alternately, roll 1d30 on yon table!

That Luxe Fashion!

  1. Sequined cape with a high collar.
  2. Elaborate codpiece with a live mouse in the silver wire “horn”
  3. Decorative wings made of sugar glass. 
  4. Broad-brimmed hat with a proliferation of feathers. 
  5. Thigh-high boots with long, pointed toes.
  6. Multiple jeweled facial piercings.
  7. Skirts of decorative (non-protective) chainmail. 
  8. Jeweled eyepatch, for the dangerous look. 
  9. Brocade pants embroidered with skulls and flowers.
  10. Wool coat in a surprising amount of colors.
  11. “Wizard-chic” tall pointy hat covered in silver stars
  12. Delicate gloves of translucent silk. 
  13. Broad leather belt decorated with copper shells.
  14. Decorative shoulder pads made of elaborately carved tortoise shells. 
  15. Patchwork tunic decorated with scripture from popular religions. 
  16. Jet-black mantled cape with red lining and silver clasps, always a classic.
  17. Flat-soled leather shoes in mismatched colors. 
  18. Headband and veil made of ancient coins. 
  19. Spectacles made of tinted elven glass. 
  20. Flashy corset with boning made from the ribs of convicted felons. 
  21. Loincloth of opalescent silk with silver belting. 
  22. Bandolier of tooled leather with multiple pouches for holding cigarettes, coins, and calling cards. 
  23. Just body paint.
  24. Fur mantle made from the pelts of exotic jungle predators. 
  25. Silk hose with stripes of subdued color. 
  26. Very long scarf of many colors with brass bells hanging from the ends. 
  27. Multiple bracelets of various metals, each etched with poetry from the ancient philosopher princes. 
  28. Braided copper crown with lit candles held on each side of the head. 
  29. Elaborate, multi-layered skirts of silk, linen, and seal skin. 
  30. Woolen vest decorated with the holy symbols of religions that don’t exist.