Monday, October 28, 2013

Thistlethorn Forest [Mini-Map Monday]

We're playing Beyond the Wall and Other Adventures at home. The heroes recently found a map detailing part of the Thistlethorn Forest, the goblin-haunted woods that lies just beyond the wall of their home village of Seaford. I drew up the map for my players, including a bunch of interesting-sounding places in hopes of sparking their adventuresome interest. Now, I'm going to share it with you.

The Miser's Mine might sound familiar. The abandoned village and the Mounds of the Old Kings especially piqued the interest of my players. I'm eager to see what they find there. 

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Wizard's Basement [Mini-Map Monday]

Beneath the ruins of an old castle lies the Wizard's Basement, where Catelmaar the Caster plied his trade. The door to his laboratory is locked with a complex magical ward, while the crypt provided the old warlock with plenty of raw materials.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Welcome to Rook's Landing

Rook's Landing is the starting town for the PCs when they first arrive on Abaddon. Here's some points of interest, people to know, and a rough map of the town.

Rook’s Landing
Only permanent Imperial settlement on the island of Abaddon. Founded by Lord Tiberius Rook in 2173 (three years ago). Reclaimed an ancient keep of unknown origins on the east coast of Abaddon. Wooden palisades and ruined stone walls. Walls currently being reconstructed by dwarven stoneworkers. Farmlands and grainfields surround village.

Approximately 250 residents. Mostly farmers and fishermen. Many travellers and adventurers coming and going from the Imperial mainland.

There is no more implacable foe of evil than a bad man gone good, and Lord Tiberius Rook (Fighter 9, Lawful) was a very bad man. He turned to the side of Law 20 years ago. Getting old. Shaky hands. Looks like Bill Nighy. His late wife, Marielle, is buried in a grand tomb in the keep. The senechal Cadmius (0-level, Lawful) keeps his lord’s manor running smoothly. 

Temple of the Divine Couple
Harlowe and Daenae Argosia (Clerics 6, Lawful) are the husband-and-wife clerics of Bramah and Unastre, respectively. Harlowe’s voice is harsh and raspy, due to throat wounds. Daenae is missing her left eye. No potions to sell, but has holy water in steady supply.

The Sundered Shield
Jona Killwarrior (Magic User 5, Neutral) runs this inn and tavern with his wife Mara (0-level, Neutral) and their son Bolo (0-level, Lawful). Big burly man. Doesn’t put up with trouble-makers. Former adventuring companion of Lord Rook. Bolo wants to be an adventurer; his parents are dead against it. Old Tooley (Fighter 3, Neutral), the town drunk, is almost always here.

The Cock and Titmouse
Granger Redlock (0-level, Neutral) is a rough, aging woman with silver-red hair who runs the cheap, shady tavern down by the docks. Caters to sailors and vagabonds.

Town Guard
Katarina Steele (Captain 5, Lawful) is the commander of the town guard. She was a henchman of Lord Rook, and is very loyal. Steele is in charge of 12 guards (3 x Fighter 2, 9 x Fighter 1). Three shifts of four guards at any given time.

Hammer & Tongs Smithy
Groat Hammerlock (Dwarf 4, Lawful) runs this smithy with his husband Jimminy Tongs (Gnome 3, Lawful). Sells most weapons and armor from the core book. Hammer is a fine blacksmith. Tongs makes weapons and armor. They have four young 0-level humans as apprentices.  Hammer and Tongs have “adopted” a baby kobold named Hurgyip that they are convinced they can turn to the side of Law.

Stonemasons’ Guild
Lord Rook recently brought over a small coterie of seven dwarves to rebuild the curtain walls around the town. The dwarves are led by Gildura “Momma” Holdvault (Dwarf 6, Neutral). The guild hall has its own invite-only tavern, and does a side-business in gem trading and appraisals.

A small fleet of fishing boats leaves the docks every morning, led by Jenny Codsdaughter (0-level, Neutral) who took over for her father three months ago after he was eaten by giant eels. Ships coming and going from the Imperial mainland must check in with the dockmaster Janders Maderlay (Fighter 3, Neutral), a former pirate with a pet miniature flying squid.

Hawk’s Trading Post and General Sundries
Run by former mountain-man Rancibold Hawk (Ranger 3, Lawful). Former henchman of Lord Rook. Always jokes that “mycommanding officer, General Sundries, isn’t in today.” Sells most equipment from the core book except weapons and armor. His old wolfhound Jake sleeps on the porch.

The Compass Rose
Map shop and cartography run by Luminous Rose (Elf 5, Neutral). She often hires adventurers map out new and unknown areas. He homeland is a mystery, and no other elf has heard of her.

Rubbish Heaps
The town heaps its garbage in a small depression north of town. Volkar the Grooch (Grooch 6, Neutral) claims this as his own territory. He goes through Rook’s Landing every night with a large cart, collecting trash.

Yeastworms’s Quite Impressive Original Brews and Spirits
Hissskafluur Yeastworms (Moleman 3, Lawful) runs this brewery. He does a fine business in human beverages. He may pay adventurers good coins for exotic ingredients to make obscure brews.

The Mills
Zephram and Molly-Ruth Gristgrinder (Halfling 1, Neutral) and their 13 children run the grain mills on the south end of town near the river. Granny Gristgrinder (Halfling 6, Neutral) is over 100 years old and runs a bakery right next to the mills. Thanks to all the low-level adventurers travelling through Rook’s Landing, there isn’t a giant rat to be found anywhere in the mills.

Katzenjammer’s Thoroughly Modern Apothecary
Dr. Malachai J. Katzenjammer (Gnome 2, Neutral). Can identify potions. Has 1d4-1 potions to sell at any given time. Sells “Dr. Katzenjammer’s Excellent Rejuvenating Elixir” for 50gp a bottle (heals 1d4 hp, spoils in 7 days, may have other side effects).

Kale’s Livery
Hondo and Jasmeene Kale (0-Level, Lawful) run the stables and livery with the help of their five children. Horses are in short supply, but mules are readily available. Wa horses are particularly hard to come by, and are almost exclusively bred by Lord Rook.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Mind Flayer Trader (Encounters in Abaddon)

Hex 1517

An undead Mind Flayer (12 HD, AC 3) riding on the back of an ankylosaurus with acid breath. The Mind Flayer is a shrewd merchant who will trade minor but useful magical items (1d6+1 potions, 1d4 scrolls, and 1d4-1 wands) in exchange for precious memories (same effect as Energy Drain). One memory, one item.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Spiral of the Snake Men [Mini-Map Monday]

A clutch of sinister snake men live in these strange, spiral tunnels. These weirdly circular passages are carved through raw green stone that glows with a faint alien light. The snake men keep their food-slaves in dark pens and hide their treasure in a secret chamber. A massive, two-headed Ophidian Guard keeps watch at the junction of the main tunnels.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Abaddon, the map! (and some places of note)

I finished the map of Abaddon last night. I don't usually color my maps, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. As is normal for me nowadays, I stuck with the Jack Kirby color palette. With the groovy powers of modern technology, I was easily able to make versions of the map with and without a hex grid.

Here's some "known" information about some of the areas featured on the map.

Rook's Landing
The only Imperial settlement on the island. Founded three years ago by Lord Tiberius Rook.

The Duchy of Nightmass
Human lands ruled by Duke Xiro. In constant war with...

Candle Quay
A prosperous fishing city ruled by Lady Cybelle. Known for their strange religious practices.

The Fleshlands
The land here is made of living, quivering flesh. It moans and screams, exudes random limbs and members, and excretes all manner of foul substances. A place of foul magic. The ruins of Mandraxis' manse is here.

This islands holds the ruins of an Annunaki city, ancient for eons.

Lake Venom
A massive lake of poison, surrounded by the Bone Shore. Home to trolls.

Reaver's Island
Home to barbarians and mutants.

Hastur's Teeth
A massive mountain range of jagged granite peaks. Cassilda's Peak is the largest tallest, haunted by strorms and monsters.

Genenna Mons
The largest known volcano on Wyrld.

Three Witches
A trio of volcanoes, taboo and believed cursed by the local amazons.

And yes, the amazons ride dinosaurs.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Abaddon and Wyrld, an overview (with image dump!)

My new setting for my upcoming campaign (ostensibly FLAILNSAILS compliant), is coming along nicely.The Map of Abaddon is done, except for grid and labels. I've got the basic history of Wyrld (the game world) and Abaddon (the island setting) hashed out. Rather than assault people with my tortured prose, I'll just present it as bullet-points.

Broad History of Wylrd

Eons in the past, and Wyrld has no sun and two moons.

The Annunaki come down from the stars, bring with them their Dead Gods and the Elves.

Elves are slaves of the Annunaki, used for entertainment and the magical properties of their blood.

The Annunaki create Dwarves for labor and Men for food.

The Annunaki craft the world under the perpetual twilight of two moons.

Suddenly, the Annunaki leave.

One of the moons falls from the sky, crashing into Wyrld. The planet burns for 1000 years.

Wicked days of fire and darkness, dragons and trolls.

The Witchlords of Ur rise to power, using poorly-understood secrets of Annunaki magical science.

Wyrld is dark and sunless. The Witchlords constantly war between each other and breed all manner of beast, monster, and undead abomination.

Two smiths Bramah and Santanis, human slaves of the Witchlord Mag-Xyloth, rise up forge a rebellion. Their army of Men, Elves, and Dwarves, strike against the Witchlords.

The demoness Unastre falls in love with Bramah, and is redeemed by him. Unastre renounces her demonic heritage. The two marry and become battle-mates.

The Witchlords, in a final gambit, unleash Ahrizoth, the most powerful of the Annunaki's Dead Gods.

Santanis betrays and kills Bramah, then devours and absorbs Ahrizoth's power, becoming a god.

Unastre uses her great magic to bring Bramah back to life, making him immortal.

Bramah forges the sun and casts it into he sky, bringing light to the world and defeat to the Witchlords and Santanis.

Bramah founds the Brazen Empire, and the Dominion of Man begins. Bramah and Unastre reign for 200 years before ascending to the divine.

And so...
The Brazen Empire was founded 2000 years ago. It has been in steady decline for 500 years.

It is currently Imperial Year 2176.

The current Emperor is Vandranis Ro, a sick and ineffectual man bullied by the senate.

Affairs of the Empire will likely never influence this campaign, but it's good to know the basics.

The Island of Abaddon
A large island, far on the western edge of the Empire, mostly outside of its influence.

Inhabited by many wizards, seeking to peruse their own sorcerous projects without imperial interference. (The wizards went Galt!)

The greatest of Abaddon's sorcerers was Mandraxis the Magician. His manse still remains in the Fleshlands.

300 years ago, Abaddon disappeared. No cataclysm or apocalyptic explosions. One day it just disappeared.

Three years ago, it suddenly returned.

Spending three centuries “someplace else” has changed the islands and its inhabitants.

Adventurers and explorers from across the empire have come to Abaddon in search of mystery and fortune.

Lord Tiberius Rook founded Rook's Landing, the only Imperial settlement on Abaddon.

Rook's Landing serves as a starting point for many adventurers.

Jungles and swamps in the south. Badlands to the north. A band of fairly temperate forests and grasslands in the middle. Reavers Island is cooler.

Aesthetic and Feel of the Abaddon Campaign
I'm going for a “weird pulp adventure” sort of feel. Not really “dark” but weird and fantastical. Clark Ashton Smith, Fritz Leiber, and Jack Vance are the heaviest influences. If I'm being honest, there's a bit of “Adventure Time” tossed in there too. Abaddon is a crazy, strange, and wicked land, but the brave and bold will succeed.

The Brazen Empire has a distinct Roman feel, with some heavy Mesopotamian influences.

Visually, I'm trying to lean away from the modern “dungeon-punk” aesthetic and recapture the “old-school” Erol Otus/Bill Willingham feel. So, massive shoulder pads and tons of belts are out. Helmets with horns (or wings!) and cuffed boots are in.

Inspirational Abaddon Image Dump
These images came from all over the Internet and found their way onto my hard drive.I don't know most of their sources. My apologies.





Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Magic Users of Wyrld

So I'm setting up a FLAILSNAILS game, and I'm busy kicking together the setting and house rules. I'll talk more about the setting (The island of Abaddon on the planet Wyrld) soon, but for now I want to start talking about house rules and campaign flavor/information stuff. For this online (Google Hangouts) campaign, I'm going to use Labyrinth Lord as a base, mixing in the skills from Lamentations of the Flame Princess, and tossing in some of the combat stuff from Adventurer Conqueror King.

So that brings us to Magic Users.

Magic Users (wizards, mages, sorcerers, etc.) are humans who have rediscovered the ancient reality-warping arts (and sciences?) of the Annunaki. Spells are pseudo-living memetic constructs that a trained magic user crams into their brain through a combination of ritual, self-hypnosis, and coordinated brain damage. That's what "memorizing spells" means. The formula for binding spells into your mind are kept in jealously guarded tomes and grimoires. The act of spellcasting releases the spell from the wizard's mind into the world in an orgasmic release of reality-warping energy.

All wizards on Wyrld, are a little odd, and have the good taste to dress like wizards. Whether that means a robe and pointy hat, star-spangled Jim Starlin cosmic couture, or Erol Otus extravagance is up to the individual, but all magic users dress in distinctive fashion that screams "I'm a wizard!"

Rules Stuff

Magic Users use the rules as presented in Labyrinth Lord with the following changes.

The lore skill, automatic familiar, and Pulse of the Universe additions are intended to allow the Magic User to do some wizardly things even after they run out of spells. Like, they get to walk around with an owl on their shoulder, going "Hrmmm hrmmm yes, this appears to be a burial mound of the Hob-Knee Goblins from the time of the McKendric Supplicants.Very interesting, oh my yes..." and stuff.

Allowed Weapons: Dagger, staff, sling, dart

Starting Spellbook
1) Read Magic
2) Summon Familiar (if they want it)
3) Spell of the PC's choice
4) A spell rolled randomly

If they drop the 100gp, a magic user can start with a (non-special) familiar of their choice.

Each new level, the PC rolls for a new random spell. This spell will be of the highest level they can cast.
There is no limit to number of spells a MU can know.

A basic “I’ve read something about this” skill.
Base chance: (1 in 6) + INT
+1 again at level 5. +1 again at level 9.

Pulse of the UniverseBy handling and concentrating on an object for 1d4 turns, a Magic User can determine if an object is magical. This is a time consuming process and only works on one object at a time. The Detect Magic spell still exists, and is still useful for its speed and precision. 
(I picked up this idea from another blog. I honestly cannot recall which one. My apologies.)

Spell CastingDeclare spellcasting at beginning of round, before initiative is rolled.
A spellcaster can make normal combat move, but no running. Keep your DEX bonus to AC
MU’s must have both hands free to cast. A staff, dagger, rod or wand is okay, since they are ritual tools.
Damage or a failed saving throw disrupts the spell, but a Save vs. Spell lets the caster retain the spell in memory


Monday, October 7, 2013

Dorgath's Drop [Mini-Map Monday]

The famed dwarven cavernsmith, Dorgath du'Draaj, dedicated himself to converting this natural cave system into a well-sculpted and sensible vault. The project went smoothly for a year until the day that Dorgath woke up from a deep sleep. took off his chain mail, and calmly leaped into the bottomless chasm in the lower cavern, never to be seen again. Now the dwarves say Dorgath's Drop is haunted and cursed and shun it out of superstitious fear. That won't stop you, though, will it?

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Mechanical Bastard [OSR Class]

Aaron Goddamn Stack!

I honestly can't tell you if I wrote this class as a joke or not. That's not an unusual situation for me. I'm not sure if I'll ever use it in my game, but I'm pretty happy with it as a weird alternative to the Warforged. The Mechanical Bastard mixes little Bender with a whole lot of Aaron Stack, and of course some Gonzo the Mechanical Bastard.

The Once Begotten of the Machine God are referred to as “Mechanical Bastards” by almost everyone else in Wyrld. These alien creatures are native to some strange otherworld full of machine life. They are mechanical beings possessing a living, alien soul. Mechanical Bastards resemble humans until they use one of their abilities or are wounded. When damaged, they bleed oil and show exposed gears, springs, and alien circuitry. The Mechanical Bastard is human-sized and shaped, and can use normal armor and weapons. Certain upgrades will allow it to permanently integrate armor and weapons into its system. Not all Mechanical Bastards assume gender roles, but many do so in order to blend in with humans. Mechanical Bastards speak Common, their own language (Cyberchat), and their alignment tongue.

At level nine, the Mechanical Bastard can construct a factorium. This complex will attract 1d4 low-level (level 1-3) Mechanical Bastards to his service, as well 6d6 0-level humans fascinated by robots.

Requirements: INT 9, CON 9
A high-CHA Mechanical Bastardess
Prime Req: CON
Fights As: Fighter
Saves As: Fighter
Weapons: Any
Armour/Shields: Any
Hit Die: d8* (+3 HP per level after level 9)
*assumes fighters have d8 Hit Dice

A Mechanical Bastard is a Living Construct.
This has a number of benefits and drawbacks...
* Immune to poisons and disease.
* Need not eat, drink, or breathe.
* Still affected by sleep, charm, and energy drains.
* Doesn't actually "sleep" but requires four hours of downtime each day to defrag itself.
* Affected by Heat/Chill Metal and suffers double damage from the spell.
* Cannot benefit from Cure X Wounds spells, nor damaged by the reversed versions.
* Mending heals 1d4 damage per 2 caster levels (max 5d4)
* Suffers 2d6 damage from successful Rust Monster attacks.
* Cannot be Raised or Resurrected, but can be Reincarnated. (Welcome to organic life, Sparky!)
* A Mechanical Bastard falls “unconscious” at 0HP. It is killed when brought to negative HP equal to its Constitution score. While unconscious it cannot eat coins to heal. If it is not brought to positive Hit Points through Mending within 24 hours, its automatic reboot systems will kick in. The Mechanical Bastard will wake up with 1 HP. When it reboots, the Mechanical Bastard will need to re-roll all its upgrades. It will lose any integrated weapons or armor if it no longer possesses the proper upgrades.
* Does not heal normally or naturally and is too complex to be repaired by mortal smiths or engineers.

A Mechanical Bastard heals itself by eating minted coins.
1 gold piece heals 1 hit point.
1 platinum piece heals 2 hit point.
It takes 1 round to eat 1 coin.
The Mechanical Bastard cannot eat more coins per day than its Constitution score.

A Mechanical bastard develops random upgrades as it gains levels.
*At level 2 and 4, the player rolls 1d6 to see what power the Mechanical Bastard gets. Re-roll any duplicates.

1) Integrate Armor
Gonzo the Mechanical Bastard
Permanently absorb mundane a suit of armor and assume its AC. Only half of an integrated suit of armor’s weight is counted towards encumbrance. This does not change the Mechanical Bastard’s appearance. The armor cannot be “un-integrated” and effectively destroys the armor. Integration takes 1 turn, and a newly-integrated armor replaces an old one. Shields cannot be integrated.

2) Integrate Weapon
Permanently absorb a mundane, one-handed weapon, which it can retract and extend at will An integrated weapon is not counted towards encumbrance. This does not change the Mechanical Bastard’s appearance. The weapon cannot be “un-integrated” and effectively destroys the weapon. Integration takes 1 turn, and a newly-integrated weapon replaces an old one.

3) Night Vision Eyes
Infravision 60’. Works however Infravision works in your campaign.

4) Static Zapper
Can make ranged attacks with non-magical electricity from its hands. Has a range of 10/20/30. Does 1d6 damage. Usable a number of times per day equal to the character’s Constitution score.

5) Bending Unit
+2 to Open Doors and similar rolls.

6) Scanners
Can find secret doors like an elf.

*At level 6 and 8, the player rolls 1d6 to see what power you the Mechanical Bastard gets. Re-roll any duplicates. 

1) Integrate Magical Armor
As above, but also works with with magical armor. If the Mechanical bastard already has the mundane version, replace it with a newly-rolled upgrade.

2) Integrate Magical Weapon
As above, but also works with magical weapons. If the Mechanical Bastard also has the mundane version, it can now integrate two weapons--one mundane, one magical.

3) Extendo-Arms
Can stretch its arms to reach and manipulate objects 30’ away. The character can now attack from the second rank, with “non-reach” weapons. The arms are not effective in combat at further length.

4) Laser Eyes
Can make ranged attacks with a magical heat ray from its eyes. Has a range of 30/60/90. +1 to hit. Does 2d4+1 damage. Usable a number of times per day equal to half the character’s Constitution score.

5) Overclocked
The Mechanical Bastard’s base movement is increased by 10’.

6) Mecha-Morph
The Mechanical Bastard can cast Alter Self on itself once per day.

Hit Dice
Super Megadroid
*CON modifiers no longer apply

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Where Does this Magical Portal Lead?

Hey wow, this is my 100th post at the Bernie the Flumph blog! Neat huh?

Anyway, gamers love those d30 tables right? Sure y'all do. My in-development FLAILSNAILS game is going to have a few magical portals scattered around the ruins of the Annunaki. I wonder where they lead?

Where does this magical portal lead?
Mythic Greece
The Kingdom of Dreams and Nightmares
The Great Labyrinth where Cenobites dwell
Dinomundia, the land of hyper-evolved dinosaurs
The Fractal Forest, alien home world of the Elves
Orcland, where orcs rule!
Halloween Town
Gamma World
Unknown Kadath
The Bronze Basilica in the Plane of Inferno
The Twisting Nether
The Quivering Fleshlands
Dodge CIty, Kansas, 1883
The Gray Vaults, where the dead dwell in mist shadow
Three miles straight up
Opposite-Land where everyone's alignment is reversed.
Shanri and the houses of the Ven
A gigantic maze full of singing and dancing goblins
A world-gone-mad where intelligent apes rule over man!
The best casino in Hell
The Mushroom Kingdom
Cool World
Home of the Mechanical Bastards
Modern-day Detroit

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Captain (OSR Class)

A while back, I posted my Captain class to the ACKS forums (where I posted under the name "luftmensch"). The captain is an inspiring warrior and a leader of men. The class is inspired by the marshal and warlord classes from D&D, and the captain class from Lord of the Rings Online. As I'm starting to gather material together for an upcoming FLAILSNAILS game, I thought I'd dust the class off, tweak it a bit for Labyrinth Lord and share it with y'all.

The beastmen hordes had pounded our forces all day. Me and the other boys from the Forsaken Sons hunkered in the shelter of a broken wall, catching a few minutes of respite while the other forces of Law fought and died in the ruins of the city. Maiden's Tower would soon fall, and the Chalice of Silver Tears would be in the clutches of evil.

We each looked to each other and nodded, no words needed. It was time to turn and run. There was no shame in it. All was lost.

Then a thunder of hooves, and Captain Belwyn rode up on his exhausted horse. He leaped from his saddle and strode towards us. His armor was rent in a dozen places. The left side of his helmet was dented, and his face was covered in blood with one eye swollen shut. Still, his voice was clear as a bell as he stood over us.

Up! Get up, lads! We have them right were we want them! See? Soon the sun will rise and burn away these black clouds. With Bramahn's light behind us we'll send these beasts back to their pits!” He grabbed my by the shoulder roughly and lifted me to my feet, then turned and did likewise to the other Sons. “Up! Up and fight, I say! Fight on for the fate of Law and the kingdoms of men!” Our hearts stirred, and strength came back to our arms as we picked up our spears and shields once more.

Suddenly, a black shadow fell across the battlefield, and Therrovaux, the Dread Wyrm landed in the shattered city square. Black waves of terror washed from the beast like a palpable force. Elves and dwarves dropped their arms and fled in fear, but we did not falter. The beast spotted us, turned its serpentine eyes to us, and bellowed its defiance. Acidic death sizzled on its lips.

Captain Belwyn just grinned. He spat a wad of blood and broken teeth from his mouth and gripped his massive two-handed warblade. “C'mon, lads. Let's show these curs what human courage looks like!” The Captain bellowed a wordless warcry and charged the dragon.

And we followed.

The captain is a fighting man trained in leading and inspiring others. He may be a beloved commander who earns his troops' love and respect, or a tyrannical bully whose men follow him out of fear. While not as sturdy as a pure fighter, he is competent in all weapons and armor. His most powerful ability, though, his his skill in instilling courage and confidence in the men and women that follow him. With an few rallying words he can remove fear and bring strength to his fellows' arms. An experienced captain is so commanding, that even kings and emperors might pause and follow his orders.

Requirements: CON 9, CHA 13
Prime Requisites: CON and CHA
Hit Die: d6 (+2 HP after 9th level)
Fights as: Fighter 
Saves as: Fighter
Weapons: All
Armor: All

Special Abilities
Master Commander: The captain has mastered the art of command. His authority inspires men to follow him into danger. The captain’s henchmen and hirelings receive a +2 bonus to morale.

“But it is not this day…”: The captain can improve the morale of troops. Inspiring courage requires a few moments of oration before a battle (one round), and grants all allies within a 50' radius a +1 bonus to attack throws, damage rolls, morale rolls (for monsters or NPCs allied with the captain), and saving throws against magical fear. The bonus lasts for 10 minutes (1 turn). The captain can inspire courage in any given character once per day per class level. He cannot inspire courage on characters who are already engaged in combat.

At Fifth Level:
The captainis immune to all natural and magical fear effects.

At Ninth Level:
Commanding Voice:
The captain gains a +2 bonus to reaction rolls with creatures he speaks to. If this bonus results in a total of 12 or more, the subjects act as if charmed while in his presence. Creatures with a WIS greater than the captain’s CHA are immune to this power (and the captain will know they are immune).

At ninth level (General), a captain can build a castle. His legendary leadership abilities will attract 5d10 0-level warriors looking for training under his leadership, as well as 1d6 low-level captains (level 1-3) rallying to his banner.

Hit Dice
Standard Bearer
General, Level 10
General, Level 11
General, Level 12
General, Level 13
Lord Marshal
*Hit Point modifiers from Constitution no longer apply.