Monday, May 19, 2014

The Cavern Kingdoms [Mini-Map Monday]

I've never done one of these "side-view" dungeon maps before. People seem to like them.

The Cavern Kingdoms are a collection of rival subterranean realms. The Jungle Cave is lit by sunlight filtered from the surface by shafts and seams of suncrystal. It is a land of massive trees and dinobeasts. The Fungal Kingdom is lit by the pale blue light of luminescent mushrooms. It is ruled by the Mushroom Princess, an orphaned human girl raised by shroomen. The Vaults of the Dead is a lightless realm inhabited by warring tribes of ghouls. The Lava Temple is a sprawling manse of adamantite surrounded by a sea of magma. The alien Fire Elves perform their uncanny rights here.

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