Sunday, November 30, 2014

Superman and Spider-Man for Fate Accelerated

I am currently putting together a superheroes campaign for the Monkeys Took My Jetpack podcast. One of my stated goals with this game is to see if I can run superheros with FAE as written with no rules changes. I think it will work. (The Station53 blog has been very inspirational.) The only tweak I've made, so far, is requiring a "background" Aspect that relates to either the hero's origin or their current "day job."

As an example for my players, I statted out Spider-Man and Superman (at least the way I would play them). I think they look pretty good.

Spider-Man (circa 2014)

High Concept: Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man
Trouble: With great power comes great responsibility
Background: Radioactive avatar of the Spider Totem
Other Aspects: R&D Engineer at Horizon Labs, “My Spidey-Sense is tingling!”

+3  Quick
+2  Flashy
+2  Clever
+1  Sneaky
+1  Careful
+0  Forceful

Because I am a webslinger, I get +2 when I Cleverly Create Advantages using web constructs.

Because I'm a scientific prodigy, once per session I can automatically add or remove an aspect on a character thanks to some handy gadget I have on my person.

Because I my Spider Sense is tingling, I get +2 when I Quickly Defend against physical attacks.

Superman (sans 80 years of milestones)

High Concept: Last son of Krypton
Trouble: Big blue Boy Scout
Background: Mild-mannered reporter for the Daily Planet
Other Aspects: Truth, justice, and the American way; "You're much stronger than you think you are. Trust me."

(While “Vulnerable to magic, kryptonite, and red sun radiation” would certainly be an adequate Trouble aspect, all these weaknesses of Kryptonian physiology are covered by “Last Son of Krypton.”)

+3  Forceful
+2  Clever
+2  Quick
+1  Flashy
+1  Careful
+0 Sneaky

Because I am the Man of Steel, I get +2 when I Forcefully Defend against physical attacks.

Because I am a symbol of heroism to all the world, I get +2 when I Flashily Create Advantages relating to hope and courage.

Because I am more powerful than a locomotive, I get +2 when I Forcefully Overcome Obstacles using my superhuman strength and endurance.

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  1. I love the whole idea of doing supers so simply in FAE. That all of Superman's powers and weaknesses can be covered by a single aspect is both strange and glorious.