Saturday, July 30, 2016

Hobomancer Dogs

Yes, I know that's a wolf...

What kind of hobo doesn’t have a loyal and scrappy dog by their side? Only the saddest kind of hobo, that’s what I say. And of course magical hobos need equally magical dogs. Now, you too can play a Dog in Hobomancer!

You were once a normal pooch, but the Good Dog blessed you with the supernatural intelligence and tenacity necessary to aid and protect your Hobomancer charges.  To play a dog, create your character like any other Hobomancer. For you Hobomancer Power, write “Dog.” For your Past Life, determine what kind of dog you were before you were blessed by The Good Dog (cattle dog, family pet, police hound, etc.)

As a dog, you have paws and are limited in your ability to manipulate things, but savvy players can easily overcome this limitation. You cannot talk, but you understand English and can read hobo signs. As a mystic familiar, you can assist with hobomantic ritual magic. Hobos and hobomancers instinctively know your name (“I dunno, he just looks like a Charley.”) Also, most people like dogs, often times more than they like other humans.

Samples Uses of “Dog” Power
  • Use “Hobomancer” to attack with a +2 Damage Bonus due to your teeth and jaws.
  • Use “Hobomancer” to detect the presence of supernatural creatures and phenomenon or determine the moral disposition of a human. ("Ol' Jake here can tell a bad man when he sees one.")
  • Soothe mental and physical trauma by placing your head in the afflicted’s lap and being a good dog. Spend a Yum Yum and roll your Hobomancer Job. If successful, your target heals 1 Health Point per minute up to the result of your roll.

Vows: Any, but most focus on protection and loyalty.

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  1. Someone got to play a Dog in my Hobomancer game at Gencon. I'm happy to report that it worked pretty good!