Saturday, December 7, 2019

Wizard Slime for Troika!

Wizard Slime

Slimes are cute but semi-dangerous monsters that resemble brightly colored dollops of gelatin with googly eyes, about the size of a footstool. Most slimes spend their lives randomly attacking neophyte adventurers only to be slaughtered by the same. But ever since you slurped up that dead wizard, you’ve become a bit smarter than your slimy brethren. You know there’s more out there that wandering the forest, waiting to be beaten to death by some kid with a wooden sword. You’ve made your way to Troika, ready to find your fortune under the Humpbacked Sky.


  • Jaunty little wizard hat
  • People Potion (turns you into a human for 1d6 hours)

Advanced Skills

  • 2 Sneak
  • 1 Pseudopod fighting (damage as small beast)
  • 3 Alchemy
  • 2 Spell: Jolt
  • 1 Spell: Helping Hands
  • 2 Spell: Random
  • 1 Spell: Random

Your gel-like body prevents you from wearing armor, but you can still use weapons as normal or slam enemies with extruded pseudopods. You can’t wear a backpack, but you can safely stow gear inside your body, retrieving it like any solid character would from their own pack. Your malleable form allows you to squeeze through any gap or space of an inch or more. Your gear doesn’t squish with you, so you may need to drop some items to fit through some spaces. 


  1. This is adorable and I love it! Your emerging vision of Troika seems like a lot of fun.

    1. Thanks, Anne!
      Wizard slimes were a constant danger in my old Fantasy Hero campaign. It was nice to bring them back 30 years later.

  2. Well done, my friend. This is fantastic!