Sunday, August 29, 2021

Gorgon Crawl Classics - Invoke Prometheus

Development on Gorgon Crawl Classics (my Mythic Greece/Peplum setting for DCC) continues to putter along. I'll admit I've gotten distracted by a couple other projects, to say nothing about day-job stuff.

I plan on including three new patrons in GCC--Orpheus, Echidna, and Prometheus.

In GCC, Prometheus is something of a messianic figure. He's the creator and patron of humanity, suffering now for his crime of stealing fire for humanity. Theoretically, the PCs will eventually get a chance to help Hercules free him from his bonds.

As a patron, Prometheus' gifts are based around fire, foresight, trickery, and creation. He only grants patronage to those who fight for the common good of mankind. 

Below is the Promethean Invoke Patron table I've been using in my playtests. I'm sure it will continue to be tweaked. Enjoy!

(Also, Brendan Lasalle is including Prometheus as a patron in X-Crawl. I haven't seen it yet, but I'm eager to see how similar/different it is from mine.)

Invoke Patron: Prometheus




Gift of foresight. For the next attack, spell check, skill roll, or saving throw roll 2d20 and take the best result. 


The caster can hurl fire bolts for the next CL rounds. Make an attack roll using INT against the target’s AC. Inflicts 1d4+CL on a successful hit. 60/120/180 range.


The caster’s melee weapons and that of 1d6 allies within 60’ are wreathed in flames for CL rounds. Flaming weapons are considered both magic and blessed and inflict an additional 1d6 damage. 


Caster wreathed in flames for 1d6+CL rounds. Immune to fire. Their melee attacks inflict additional 1d6 damage. Opponents who strike them with a melee attack take 1d8 damage (DC 13 Reflex save for half)


Opponent must make DC 15 reflex save or be captured by adamantine chains. Cannot move or attack. Attacks against them are at +2d. Last 1d6+CL rounds. DC 25 STR check to break free. Chains are AC: 20 and have 10+CL hp. 


Summon a giant vulture (stats as Pterodactyl) to pick out the target’s Liver. The bird attacks the caster’s enemies as directed and will remain until slain or one turn per caster level has passed. 


Steal a target’s occupation, deed die, 1d4 thief skills, single spell, or special ability for 1d6 rounds.


Sacrificial Immolation. Caster’s body explodes into flame. Every creature within 20’ of the caster takes 6d6 damage (DC 15 Reflex save for half damage). The caster’s body and all their non-magical items are reduced to ash. 1d4 rounds later, the caster’s body reconstitutes, healed of all damage, poison, and disease, but not spellburn or corruption.

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  1. As an Ancient History major and an RPG'er, I'm loving GCC.