Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Crepuscular #2: Triumph Over the Grave!

So, did I finally post on the blog after 10 months of absence just to plug my new Kickstarter?


Do I feel a little guilty about that?

Also yes.

But hey kids, I have a new Kickstarter!

After putting it on the back burner for way too long in order to work on other fun projects, I am finally bringing Crepuscular #2 to the world!


This time the adventure "Triumph Over the Grave" focuses on a 0-level funnel crawl. I don’t rightly know if this is the only 0-level adventure that’s set up as a hex-crawl, but they’re very rare if they are out there. Also, you start of this adventure dead! If you can crawl your way out of the afterlife, you’ll get to start your new life as a 1st level adventurer. Neat right?

I’ve also got a lot more information about the Crepuscular City of Xothma-Ghul in the book. It’s neat how that city started out as your basic Lankhmar expy and has morphed into this weird dystopian almost-cyberpunk city where I basically just slather on my snarky social satire and sneering distrust of institutions. But, y’know, it’s me, so it’s weird and kooky and fun.

Also it’s gonna be in color! How cool is that? This will be my first big project in full color (aside from the QAGS version of Leopard Women) and I’m super excited to see how it looks. Comix Wellspring prints some good looking color comics, so I’m sure it will look fab.

Anyway, give it look-see and spread the word! It’s already hit funding, but I have family dental bills to pay and need the extra dosh!

Spread the word! Wake the neighbors!

And I’ll actually post some more stuff on this here blog soon. I promise. Seriously.

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  1. Hurrah! I'm breaking my Kickstarter cessation for Crepuscular alone.