Friday, August 9, 2013

My Gencon Games are All Sold-Out!

Hex Games Gencon logo by the mighty Jeff Johnson
This will be my third Gencon, and yet again I'm going with the rest of the Hex Games gang to run games, run panels, and promote QAGS.

All of our games are in ICC 100, which is, like, just down the hall and around the corner from registration. That's going to save us a lot of walking this year!

To my delight all four of my games have sold out. All my seats are full. That's exciting and flattering, let me tell you.

Here's the blurbs for my four games. I'm darned exciting about running them for new players.

Pulp Fantasy All-Stars
Conan! Elric! The Gray Mouser and Fafhrd! Red Sonja! Cudgel the Clever! Heroes from many worlds must band together to fight a cosmic evil that threatens all realities. It's savage sword & sorcery adventure with QAGS!

Hobomancer: The Town the Loved Hobos
It’s the height of the Great Depression, and those all-American shamans known as Hobomancers ride the rails defending the soul of this great nation from all manner of supernatural evil. But what’s this? The town of Jackson Falls is so warm and friendly. Why, they even welcome hobos and drifters with open, loving arms. Could this be hobo paradise? There certainly couldn't be a secret evil lurking under a friendly facade, could there?

Golden Age Superheroes: Attack of the Cannibal Planets!
The time of the masked mystery man has past. World War II is over and the Cold War is in full swing. But when an old enemy returns from the depths of space to conquer Earth, a group of heroes must come out retirement to save the day one last time. Join the Black Terror, Lady Fairplay, Blue Bolt, and other heroes of the Golden Age as they take on the Green Sorceress and the Cannibal Planets! It’s old school superheroics with QAGS!

The Fantasy Hangover
After a party of bold adventurers successfully won the Red Idol of Aaargh from the Temple of Fire, they decided to celebrate their victory in the decadent party city of Meadows. But now it’s morning, they have no memory of the night before, there’s a price on their heads, and one or more of their number might be married. It’s sword & sorcery & slapstick with QAGS!

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