Monday, April 28, 2014

Adar, a Map from the Past [Mini-Map Monday]

I didn't have time to make a new map this week, so I'm diggung through my collection of old AD&D 2nd Ed maps from the 90s. Collect 'em, trade 'em, use 'em!

This here is the land of Adar. AS you can see, it's actually a zoom-in on a section of this map. There's Palamadox up there again, right next to the amazonian compass rose. I don't remember a lot about Adar. Chances are it was a generic pseudo-England.

It's neat looking back at the names on some of these places. It shows the influences of different fantasy authors I was  reading at the time. Bay of Winds and Port Morisby were certainly inspired by Anne McCaffrey. Spindle Mountains and Tagledon Forest are Hobbit-era Tolkein. The faux-latin names like Melos and Grelpe show Fritz Leiber's influence.

Belzaron's Pit is neat. As I recall, Belzaron was the chief god of evil and corruption in my old campaign.

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