Saturday, April 13, 2019

The Crovoborge

This guy will show up in my game the next time my players travel to the Ghoul Market

The Crovoborge guards one of the several tunnels that lead to the Ghoul Market. He is a man-sized, but short, with a head like the skull of a crow. He wears black-lacquered scale mail and a plumed helm and carries a halberd that flickers with purple witch-light. The Crovoborge does not talk, but the two scarab beetles that live in his skull speak for him. Tom lives in his left eye socket and has a voice like Eddie Deezen. Danny lives in his right eye socket and has a voice like Clancy Brown. Both carry their own tiny little halberds.
  • AC: 16 (mail); HD: 5 (26hp); Morale: 10; Movement: 120’, AL: N
  • Flickering Halberd: +5 (1d10 damage, plus take 1d6 each round until a save vs. magic is made. Wound drips small purple snails.)
  • Tom the beetle can see invisible creatures.
  • Danny the beetle can cast Magic Missile (as a 3rd level MU), 3 times a day.
The Crovoborge demands 25 thalers from any person who wishes to pass by his gate. He collects these coins in a battered tin pot and sends half of them every month to his mistress in Hamburg.


  1. Firstly that art is sweet! Second, The sentient bugs are very Tim Burton which is awesome! I may have to use this guy if my players ever go to the Ghoul Market.

    1. Thanks! My players were doing a good job of avoiding the really weird stuff, so I decided to bring it to them directly (they still managed to avoid it).
      I think I was subconsciously going for an Adventure Time thing with Tom and Danny, but Burton works too!