Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dinosaur Party! [Pocketmod Comic]

I can't stop making pocketmod comics! They're the perfect way to pass the time and feed my creative bug!

So the other day, I was stuck waiting at work again, so I made another pocketmod comic. Took about 30 minutes with a pen in the break room on the back of a vacation request form.

No fancy backstory for this strip. Just a couple of dinosaurs in a funny situation that's been floating through my head for a few weeks.

The pocketmod version can be found here.
Instructions for cutting and folding pocketmods can be found here.
A non-pcoketmod version is below!
Click it to big it!



  1. That is a fun little story, but the idea of pocketmod comics is awesome, and this is my first time to see it!
    I finally understand what those pocketmod games are supposed to look like.

  2. It's true. There isn't any party like a dinosaur party.