Monday, March 25, 2013

Moslammin, Closer of Doors [Petty God]

Gorgonmilk is running a Petty Gods project right now. Here's my attempt.

Name: Moslammin, Closer of Doors
Symbol: A wooden door, closed and held by an iron spike
Armor Class: -5 [24]
Damage: 3d6 (x2 with backstab)
Hoard Class: 100 masterwork iron spikes
Alignment: Lawful
Movement: 120' (40')
Hit Points (Hit Dice): 86 hp (20 HD)
Attacks: 1 Slam
Save: T20
Morale: 9
XP: 6,250

Aside from all the monsters, traps, mad wizards, and cursed artifacts that an adventuring party must face, the most persistent threat in any dungeon is the closed door. Deep in bowls of the dungeon, doors rarely function properly. They warp, swell, and stick, becoming nigh-unbudgeable obstacles that only the brawniest of barbarians or fittest of fighters can hope to shove open. Worst yet, dungeon doors have a nasty habit of shutting and sticking once more after the adventurers' backs are turned.

The Acolytes of Sealed Temple in the Valley of Passages attribute this uncanny behavior to Moslammin, Closer of Doors, a petty god. Open doors, cleared passages, and accessible rooms are anathema to Moslammin. As it is written in the wood-bound tomes of his (few) clerics, “How might a man prove his worth, if he can enter any sanctum with ease? Better it is that his every step be dogged with adversity, no matter how small.” Moslammin closes doors not to pester, they say, but to test mankind's patience and thus make us immune to petty irritations.

Moslammin's avatar appears as a hunched and hooded figure who creeps silently through dark and damp dungeon corridors, closing and holding shut any door he passes. If he encounters an adventuring party he deems worthy of his “blessings,” he will follow them silently and invisibly throughout an entire dungeon, closing and sealing any open doors they may leave in their wake.

Moslammin has all the skills and abilities of a level 20 thief, except the “Pick Locks” skill. He may also cast invisibility, silence 15' radius, and wizard lock as a level 20 magic user at will.