Tuesday, August 29, 2017

The Complete Blorgamorg [DCC Patron]

A year ago I started working on a new Patron for Dungeon Crawl Classics--Blorgamorg, the Chthonic Snail. I got the Invoke Patron effects and the first spell written out, then I got distracted by various things and let the project sit for many, many months. But, thanks largely to Gencon, I had a burst of creative energy, and now Blorgamorg and all his spells are complete!  Hooray!

Below I've linked the PDFs that describe the Chthonic Snail and the spells he grants. I have plans to put these together with a funnel dungeon and some other things for a 'zine in the near future. But for now, enjoy!

"Behold, ye, my snaily majesty!"

(Redacted! Blorgamorg now appears in Crepuscular #1, on sale now!)

Blorgamorg, the Chthonic Snail
The Chthonic Snail patiently crawls through the hidden places below the earth, always chewing, always listening, always feeding on the secret wisdom of the world. Blorgamorg is a patient and wise entity, who eschews the petty conflicts of law and chaos. He prizes knowledge for the sake of knowledge. Lore sustains him. All secrets are known to him. Blorgamorg values servants who show tenacity, fortitude, and foresight. Rash and hasty minions displease him. Blorgamorg bitterly hates Bobububilz, and followers of the Chthonic Snail must always guard against the machinations of the Demon Lord of Amphibians.

Snail Mail (Level 1 spell)
The wizard summons minor servitors of the Chthonic Snail to deliver messages using the secret snail trails that run beneath the universe. 

Shell Shelter (Level 2 spell)
This spell creates a hyperspace pinch-point that manifests in our local space as a man-portable calcification shaped as a Fibonacci spiral. Or to put it more simply, it makes snail shell that’s larger on the inside that you can wear on your back. 

Love Dart (Level 3 spell)
The wizard launches a large, calcified projectile from their body towards a target. This projectile carries xeno-molluscoid genetic material that infects the target with various sluggy parasites. 


  1. That last spell is tricky and wrong and so many way... Are you just get someone pregnant?
    Love it.
    And Tricky since how will you do the effects in game?

    1. Indeed! I decided make it more like a parasitic infection (like the xeonmorphs in Aliens) rather than actual pregnancy, because that didn't quite sit well with me.
      As for the in-game effects, once the monsters burst out of the target, they are free-willed monsters, free to do whatever monsterly things they want. Of course, they instinctively hate the target, so their first course of action will probably be to attack.