Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Gencon and Hobomancers in Time

Happy D20 is also totally stoked for Gencon!
The family and I leave for Gencon tomorrow. I've spent today packing and finishing the last bits of preparation for the trip. I am very much looking forward to seeing my friends and my tribe again.

Along with several other people from Hex Games, I am running games again this year. Specifically, I am running three sessions of Hobomancers in Time. Most of the Hobomancer games I've run center around a small town where an evil man summons some kind of monster. I wanted something different this year, so I decided to go a little cosmic. This time the Hobomancers have to hop around time and space collecting cosmic tchotchkes to defeat VLHRG the Time Wyrm. This game was largely inspired by the improved time-traveling Hobomancer game Leighton Connor and I ran last year. I've built upon it significantly.

I crafted a Fantastical Time Spinner from an old Twister spinner. In each session, the hobomancers will have to travel to three different time eras. I have nine eras prepared, but I won't know which ones they'll travel to until the players spin the spinner. Nine different periods of history, nine different tchotchkes. There are some they might never go to. I'm excited by this random element.
Behold, the Fantastical Time Spinner!
Of course, with time travel there;s always the danger of Chrono-Distortion. In the case of distortion, the Hobomancer crew will have to roll on the table that I am going to share with you now:

Game Effect
The crushing ennui of the nonlinear traveler
All dice rolls made with 1d30.
The sublime competence of mediocrity
All dice rolls made with 1d16.
Behold! The Bell-Curve!
All dice rolls made with 3d6.
Mirror universe incursion
All players give their character sheet to the player on their left.
Now I am become the Song!
All Yum-Yums spends are twice as effective.
Windfall of Synchronicity
All players get 4 Yum-Yums!
This is the darkest timeline
+3 to all PCs’ Weakness scores.
Fluctuating visions of the future
PCs use a predetermined number array instead of rolling dice.
Reflection of choices unmade
PCs switch Job and Gimmick scores.
Memetic reconditioning
PCs rearrange Skill scores.
I sing the song of the Songlines
+2 to PCs’ Hobomancer Jobs.
The Song is silenced
-2 to PCs’ Hobomancer Jobs.

Fun right?

We're supposed to pull into Indianapolis on Wednesday, and we'll be there until Sunday. If you're going to Gencon too, feel free to hit me up on G+ or Twitter.

All set? You bet!

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