Friday, February 16, 2018

The Flumph for Barbarians of Lemuria [Flumph Friday February]

Barbarians of Lemuria is one of my favorite fantasy RPGs (in fact, probably my absolute favorite for loincloth & broadsword S&S) that, sadly, I've only had a chance to play a handful of times. 

So here's a Lemurian Flumph...

Flumphs are strange alien creatures that came down from the stars 1000 years ago, escaping some nameless evil from the Outer Dark. Flumphs resemble floating leather jellyfish with a multitude of tentacles and two black eyes on long stalks.

Flumphs live deep in the Kasht Swamp, keeping to their weird spherical temples of bronze and glass where they quietly worship alien gods.  Flumphs are mostly benign, but wary of strangers. To those brave enough to tread the swamps and find their temples and savvy enough to befriend them, Flumphs can provide a wealth of insight into forbidden lore and alien science.

Creature size: Small

Normally Found: Kasht Swamp

Strength: -1
Agility: 0
Mind: 3
 Appeal: 1

Combat Abilities
Initiative: 0
Melee: 0
Ranged: 1
Defense: 2

Priest: 1
Alchemist: 1
Magician: 1
Scribe: 1

Lifeblood: 9

Vitriolic Squirt
Attack +1
Damage: d6+ special
Targets hit by the Flumph’s vitriolic squirt must make a Strength roll. Failure means they gain the flaw Blinded for 30 minutes, unless otherwise cured.

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