Friday, February 15, 2013

Flumphs for Stars Without Number! [Flumph Friday]

Flumphs are peaceful, inquisitive aliens resembling leathery yellow jelly fish with dexterous tentacles and expressive eye stalks. They float quietly though the air using a form of natural air induction. The flumph language is comprised of a mixture of tentacular body language and chemical signatures. Communication with humans and similar species requires the assistance of electronic translators or the Telepathy discipline.

Flumph society is peaceful and orderly, with each flumph helping its neighbors in a kind of enlightened socialism. Communities are led by members of a psychic priest caste dedicated to the mysterious High Ones. Most flumph settlements are Tech Level 4. They technology tends to focus on psychology , psionic research, and exploration. Aside from their Pacification Rays, flumphs are not known for their weaponry.

The flumphs were hit by the Scream as badly as the rest of the galaxy, destroying the entire priest caste in an instant. However, due to their cooperative, nonviolent culture, flumph settlements generally didn't collapse into the chaos that plagued human colonies.

Flumphs try to avoid combat if necessary and prefer peaceful mediation. In seriously threatened, a flumph can emit a steam of noxious ichor to temporarily disable attackers. Psychic flumohs often carry a psitech Pacification Ray to harmlessly deter opponents. Only in the most desperate of circumstances will a flumph use the atavistic tooth-spikes hidden in the center of their tentacles.

Armor Class: 5
Hit Dice: 3
Attack Bonus: +2
Damage: 2d4* Pacification Ray or 1d6 spikes
Number Appearing: 3d6
Saving Throw: 13+
Movement: 20' fly
Morale: 9

Any given flumph has a 25% chance of having psychic powers and Psi Points equal to a (1d8) level psychic, usually focusing on the Telepathy or Biopsychic discipline.

Flumph Pacification Ray (psitech)
Damage: 2d4*
Range: 30/60
Cost: 5000
Attribute: Wis/Con
Tech: 5
*Like a stun baton, damage from the pacification ray will leave a target unconscious, but will not kill them. Unlike a stun baton, this damage doesn't take the form of nerve pain, but as lethargy and fatigue.  

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