Friday, February 8, 2013

The Flumph for QAGS! [Flumph Friday]

We continue Flumph Friday by adapting the flumph for QAGS from Hex Games! 

Body: 9
Brain: 14
Nerve: 12
HP: 9
YY: 3
WWPHITM?: A muppet
Tagline: "May the serenity of the High Ones guide you."

Job: Alien Priest (13)
--A flumph may use its Job to perform ritual magic as described in Hobomancer and Magic Rules!

Gimmick: Chemical Defenses (12)
--The flumph's alien innards allows it to produce a variety of chemicals that it can excrete or spray in self defense. Usually this either a noxious, nauseating slime (target must roll Nerve vs. the flumph's Gimmick to do anything but retch and vomit for a number of rounds equal to the difference in rolls), or a spray of corrosive acid (roll Gimmick to hit, with a Damage Bonus of +4).

Weakness: Pacifist (12)
--Unless it is physically wounded, if the flumph wants to attack a living creature, it must make a Weakness roll. If the roll succeeds, the flumph cannot bring itself to attack.

Skills: Healing +3, Meditation +2, Space Lore +1

Flumphs are strange alien creatures that resemble slightly-flattened, floating jellyfish with rubbery yellow-green hide, dextrous tentacles, and inquisitive eyestalks. They speak the languages of Earth in whispery sing-song voices. Since their home planet, Flumphsylvania, was destroyed in an intergalactic war 3000 years ago, flumphs have been cast adrift into the universe, looking for a new home. A small rocket ship carrying a coterie of flumphs crashed outside Waldo, Ohio in 1897. They have done their best to make a new life for themselves ever since.

Despite their bizarre, inhuman appearance, these aliens are peaceful and friendly. They prefer a life of quiet, religious contemplation away from the prying eyes of humanity. Small groups of flumphs will use their acidic excretions to carve out swirling underground caverns of alien design and form small “monasteries” dedicated to the High Ones.

Flumphs in Hobomancer: As cosmic drifters without a home of their own and a mystical disposition, flumphs feel a particular empathy with the hobomancers. They can use their “Alien Priest” Job to tap into the songlines and perform acts of ritual magic. If they can earn their trust, a group of flumphs could make powerful allies to a crew of hobomancers. Hobomancers refer to flumphs as "Flying Flapjacks."

Flumphs in M-Force: Flumphs as a whole do not represent a threat to humanity, and are not listed on the government's Official Monster List. A flumph's knowledge of the horrors of outer space might prove useful to the right M-Force office.

Flumphs in Fort High: Flumphs reproduce asexually, but they still have offspring. In an attempt to adapt to human culture, many flumph's send their spawn to Paradigm schools, where they tend to excel at math and chemistry.

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