Monday, February 18, 2013

Holy $#!@ a Spaceship! [Mini-Map Monday]

So, apparently a bunch of Goblins have been stealing sheep from the local village. The villagers can all tell us where the goblins' lair is. Doesn't seem too hard. Let's just take a quick hike over these hills and--HOLY $#!@ A SPACESHIP!

Some strange craft has crashed right into the goblins' hill-side lair. The old dungeon entrance has collapsed, but you can get in through a hatch in the side of the craft. Looks like the little blighters have started worshiping the radioactive power core. Those sheep outside don't look quite right, either.

Click to Embiggen!
Drawn between games at BASHcon 2013.


  1. Oh from the map at first glance I thought that the survivors had build the dungeon as a refuge. And the the villager called them "goblins". :)

    1. Oh wow, that's one heckuva sweet idea!

    2. Hell you can even keep them as "Goblins" in a way. Check this out: