Thursday, January 23, 2014

Funkadelic Frankenstein for Fate Accelerated??

Back in 2009, I wrote a QAGS games called Funkadelic Frankenstein on the Mean Streets of Monstertown that got a bit of positive press and some decent reviews. It's a "monsterspoitation" setting about groovy-sleazy monsters in the grindhouse-70s New York. Like a weird mix of Dan Brereton's Nocturnals, Hellboy, Black Dynamite, and MachetteIt's easily the second weirdest thing I've written (this is the first). I'm still pretty proud of the book (the art, not so much), but I've often thought of going back to the setting, expanding and refining things.

Cut to now and my current fascination with Fate Core and Fate Accelerated. It occurred to me how well Funky Frank would work with FAE. Flashy, Forceful, Sneaky, Clever, Fast, Careful--those are all elements of grindhouse action. Monster types work great as a part of a High Concept, and QAGS's Weaknesses port over nicely as FAE Troubles. Stunts are great to define specific monster powers as well as action movie specialties.

I've been working on bits of Funky Frank FAE all week while I've been on vacation, focusing especially on monster types and stunts. I'm pretty happy with what I've got so far. Below is a little sample--a write-up of Prometheus Jones (the Funkadellic Frankenstien himself) as well as a handful of stunts for various monsters.

High Concept: Funkadelic Frankenstein
Trouble: Can’t refuse a lady
Other Aspects: The undead private dick who’s a sex machine with all the chicks, Packs a big gun, Smooth operator

Just talkin' about Prometheus Jones...
+3: Forceful
+2: Flashy, Clever
+1: Sneaky, Careful
+0: Quick

Because I am super strong, I get +2 to Forcefully Overcome Obstacles when I rely entirely on brute strength.

Because I’m one bad mother, once per session I can ignore all stress from any one attack.

Because I am a master detective, I get +2 when I Cleverly Overcome Obstacles when I am investigating a case.

Because I am super strong I get +2 to Forcefully Overcome Obstacles when I rely entirely on brute strength

Because I am powered by lightning and chemicals, once per session I can instantly  remove a minor consequence by exposing myself to a powerful source of electricity.

Because I can toss people around like rag dolls, once per session, when I successfully forcefully Attack someone, I can also move them up to two zones away.

Because I know the sewers like the back of my slimy, webbed hand, Once per session I can show up in any scene, no matter how improbable, provided that it has access to the sewer tunnels.

Because I am used to the inky depths of the oceans, I get +2 when I carefully overcome obstacles related to seeing through darkness, smoke, or fog.

Because I can talk to fish, I get +2 when I cleverly create an Advantage based on information gleaned from a friendly fish.

Because I can transform into a bat, Once per session I can show up in any scene, no matter how far away, provided that I could fly there.

Because I can turn into mist, once per session, for one scene, I can become immune to physical damage, except for attacks by weapons to which vampires are vulnerable, but I cannot make physical attacks either. Also, I can bypass any barrier, as long as it isn't air tight, although I cannot manipulate solid objects in this state.

Because I can bend the minds of the weak-willed, I get +2 when I sneakily create an advantage while in conversation with someone.

Because I have fearsome fangs and teeth, I get +2 when I forcefully attack a single opponent in close combat.

Because I have feral reflexes, I get +2 when I quickly Overcome Obstacles by leaping or climbing.

Because I’m the leader of the pack, once per session I can summon a group of dogs to help me for a scene.
Group of Dogs
Rag-tag pack of mangy mutts
Skilled (+2) at: Dog-piling on an enemy, causing a ruckus or a fracas
Bad (-2) at: Working without supervision, being distracted by things that distract dogs
Stress: OOO (six dogs)

Because I can breathe fire, once per session I can forcefully attack all characters in a single zone, up to one zone away, with a single action.

Because I’m a hot little number, I get +2 to Flashily create an advantage when I seduce someone.

Because I am a native of Hell, I get A +2 when I forcefully defend against fire attacks.


  1. Totally groovy. I really dig this. What sorts of crazy adventures do these monster have? Are they fighting The Man who is trying to keep the monster people down?

    1. Thanks! You're guess isn't wrong. Monsters struggle with cultural oppression from the human "Man," while dealing with problems within their own community (Monstertown.) In the campaigns I've run they've had to do deal with corrupt politicians, run-away vampire debutantes, and fish-man drug runners. And car chases. Lots of car chases.