Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Quix Bravo (Star Wars FAE character)

As happens, this past Monday only two of us were able to attend our Monday Skype game. Neither of us had any one-on-one stuff prepared, so no game happened. But next time we're going to be prepared. My friend (Al, from MTMJ and Porcelain Llama) asked what I'd be in the mood for. We're both enjoying Fate Accelerated, so that was a given. I said I've been on a Star Wars kick lately, and thus the game was decided.

Of course, if I'm going to play Star Wars, I'm going to play a Jedi. Here's the guy I came up with (not actually sure what era we're going to use).

Quix Bravo

High Concept: Two-Fisted Jedi Sentinel
Trouble: Quixotic
Other Aspects:
Master of Jar’Kai
Raised in the Coruscant Undercity
Sparks, my heavily-modified power-droid sidekick

+3: Flashy
+2: Clever, Forceful
+1: Quick, Careful
+0: Sneaky

Because I wield a lightsaber in each hand, I get a +2 when I Flashily Attack groups of nameless mooks.

Because I know Force Push, I get +2 when I Forcefully Attack at a range with telekinesis.

Because I have a shady past, I get +2 when I Cleverly Overcome Obstacles when I have to get somewhere I don’t belong.

Stress:  OOO

Mild -2
Moderate -4
Severe -6

Aspect: Heavily modified power-droid

Approaches: Careful +2, Sneaky +1

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